Monday, December 15, 2014

Para Siempre Dios Esté Con Vos

Hi Everyone!
I am sad to say that this is my LAST email on the mission. Can you believe that? I can't lol I will be flying home into Springfield at 8pm. I can't believe it.

I am really sad to really really sad! I want to be a missionary foreverrrrrr! But I understand and I have come to terms with me leaving. I am packing lol I have a ton of things. But it will be okay! I think....haha :)

We had our zone conference last week with President McCune and Elder Clark of the 70. It was really great! I learned a lot! :) We got to play a musical number for it. I played the flute :) And at the end I about lost our iphone..haha

I went on exchanges with Sister Carey and Horne this week! It was great :) I love our sisters :) I went back to Santaquin! and sadly I lost my voice!! I bearly have it back now! was so sad!!

I had my final interview with President McCune. It was really good. He is such an amazing President who I have had the privilege of knowing and learning from. He is the best! And his wife is sooooooo amazing as well :) They will forever be in my heart.

Well everyone, I love my mission. It has been the best thing for me. I know that our Savior lives and loves us. He is in this work. I know that being the missionary is the best and I hope to keep the spirit of the work with me even without my tag. I know that this church is true. No doubts about it. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and that He loves me as His daughter. I am grateful for all of your love and prayers for me over this time. I have felt the love of the Savior so much and I know that I am a better person because of the experiences I have had here. I know that I have helped others come closer unto Christ and I will never forget it.

I love you all :)

Con mucho amor y carino
Hermana Derges :)

How Do You Feel About the Savior?

Hi everyone!

I really don't have any time today and I apologize for that! Today we
had a mission leadership training with a elder Clark of the 70 :) and
we have zone conference this week! :) I am pumped!

This past week we had MLC on Tuesday and then our zone training
meeting with the Utah Lake zone and then Hobble Creek on Thursday and
Friday. They went very well! I love our zones :)

We also went on exchanges with the Spanish Fork Sisters and then we
went on emergency exchanges to help a companionship and it went really
well! I love being in a position to serve in a new way. They are doing
super well now! I am so happy for them! :) :) happy day!

I just love our mission president and his wife! Their son was able to
final,y come home from the hospital after having severe brain surgery
over the past month. I am so happy for them! :)

But that is basically it lol. Things are going amazingly! :) I love my
mission and this area! :)

To close I want to share something from MLC on how do we feel about
our Savior. I love this! This month our focus is on the Savior and
becoming more like Him as we study the Christlike attributes :) I know
my Savior lives and loves me and I know He is patient with me and
wants me to succeed. I know as we become more like Him, He will shine
in our countenance and we will be like He is :)

I love you all! Have a great great week! :)

Hermana Derges

Monday, December 1, 2014

First...We Open our Chimneys!

Merry Christmas!!!! Well at least it is the first of December! Yay! 
Our cute landlords cut down a tree for us!! It is the best and they are going to let us borrow some lights and decorations. WE ARE SO PUMPED!!! Seriously my companion is amazing! We have so much fun together and laugh all the time everyday :) And that is where my heading comes from. I was telling her about my Christmas traditions and I said, in the morning we are only allowed to open our...chimneys lol and I meant to say stockings. haha :) 

This past week was so fun because of the festivities of Thanksgiving :) We ran/walked the turkey trot and then played in the turkey bowl with our two zones :) President came and was our QB. It was super fun :) I even got a touchdown which was pretty great!
Then we had FOUR dinners that day lol. We ate with some pretty fun families and we played some games as well. I gratefully had enough room to be able to eat everything lol :) It was such a great day!

Also I went on exchanges with Hermana Garces :) She was my MTC buddy! It was such a blast! I just love her so much! :)
OOOOOOH all my family of course knows this, but my sister-in-law Rachel had her baby yesterday!!!! His name is Weston :) :) And he is a cuuuuutie!!! :) I was so excited to hear that!!

Oh. haha. anything funny thing that happened this week that makes me feel like a real missionary is that...I got bit by a dog! Thankfully I had my boots on so I don't have rabies lol but yeah. I am alright though :) But it did hurt! 
My Study Wall :)

We taught a couple more awesome people this week :) It was awesome and they accepted the invitation to be baptized! 

Yesterday we gave talks in an English ward. and it was really great! :) We gave our talks on member missionary work and there was a homecoming for a sister who got back from Siberia! So she shared her testimony in Russian :) it was awesome! I love sharing this gospel and I know that it is true! I know that you all can have the Spirit with you as you open your mouths to share this great message to all that you know :)

I love you!!
Have a fantastic week!

Love, Hermana Derges :)

Monday, November 24, 2014


This week has been such an adventure! Sorry friends I do not have a lot of time....
Our Dinner Calendar :)

First of all we went on back to back to exchanges with the sisters and hermanas in Payson :) so fun! I went with Hermana Magaña, my former stl haha so it was kinda funny, and Sister Tripp :) it was really fun! They are awesome sisters and it was fun to serve with them for a day :)
On Monday we played Minute to Win It in our Spanish ward's fhe :) It was the best! we related it to the scriptures and it was a blast! :)
Sadly this week I got food poisoning....WORST THING EVER lol I have never had it this bad. But I thankfully received a priesthood blessing and it was the best because I felt so much better quickly :)

Our area has just started BOOMING and I really mean BOOMING lol last week we taught 4 lessons and this week we have taught 15!!!!! and we have found 7 new investigators!!!!! And I have to say that the Lord has blessed us a ton. I am so grateful for that :) I know that it is because we are working really hard and striving to be exactly obedient :) I know that the Lord really loves to bless us and we just need to do our part and He will rain down blessings on us all the time! :)
Huge Sandwich!!

Now a really neat that happened just yesterday was that our LA came to church with his family!!!!!!!!! :) The mom and the boys fasted with us for their dad to come to church. He hasn't been in 6 months. and yesterday HE CAME!!! It was such a blessing to see how fast our Heavenly Father blesses us when we fast!!! It is AWESOME :) :) #blessings #fastingreallyworks #Iknowthathashtagsdon'tworkonemailbutIstilllovedoingit #haha

I love you all! Have a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving :) Have fun and don't get too hurt playing in the Turkey bowl :) 

Love, Hermana Derges :)

Monday, November 17, 2014

Rely on the Savior to Strengthen Us

Hey everyone! this week Hermana Willis and I start exchanges! It is going to be crazy but fun! eek! We have two back to back on Tuesday and Wednesday! Wow. it will be a learning experience for sure :)
ALSO IT SNOWED!! FIRST SNOW OF THE YEAR :) I was so so happy!!!! I hear that there is a lot of snow out in the midwest too. That has got to be cold lol sorry guys...
Pavlova! From New Zealand :)

We got to help a couple sisters this week, which really made me happy. One sister is having homesick problems so we got to do something fun for her birthday :) and we also got to help other sisters movie :) It was really nice to serve them!
Do you want to build a snowman?

Hermana Willis is AMAZING! Seriously we get along so so well! I love her so much :) We just laugh all the time and we both want to work really hard and be exactly obedient! I love it!!!
We had transfers on Wednesday as you all know, I had to say goodbye to 5 companions. FIVE!! I was sooooooo sad! I luckily got to go to the testimony meeting and perform with other sisters and elders in a musical number :) I got to sing a duet with my old compy Hermana Abellan who now is home in Spain. BUT I heard she is coming back to Utah! So she will be at my final testimony meeting. I am so pumped!!! The rest of my old comps are all safe and happy at home. I miss them but I know they served their little hearts out so I just love them and wish them the best! :)
Our Trio is back together!!!

This week is such a blurrrrrr but it was great :) Our area is so pretty. I love it here.
I know that this gospel is true and that everything works out when we rely on the Lord. I know that He loves me and that He cares about us in our circumstances. We can always overcome our trials only through Him. If we try to do it on our own, it is impossible. It really is. But with Him, we can do it and become better. Either 12:27. Amazing scripture on this truth. He can turn our weaknesses into strengths. He has certainly done that for me :)
I love you all! Stay warm and safe!
Hermana Derges :)

Monday, November 10, 2014

Walk with the Savior

So haha. We got transfer calls today and so I have a lot of news. 

Preguntas del Alma Ward FHE :)

My lovely companion is leaving and she will find out where she is going on Wednesday. 
HOWEVER, my area is getting dissolved into the Spanish Fork West area and I will be serving as Sister Training Leader in Spanish Fork. Oh. my. goodness. lol. I am excited and really really nervous. My new companion is Hermana Willis! :) She and I have never been STL's before so this will be an adventure lol. Wish us luck! :)

So other than the crazy news I received this morning, haha. this week was great! :) 

-IT IS NOVEMBER!!!!!!!!! lol at least wait til after Thanksgiving lol

I went to the "My Plan" meeting this Tuesday and it was really neat :) Our mission is part of two missions (with Ogden) who are piloting this plan. It is a 6 week training on planning for after the mission. So each week I will have to complete an experience to plan for my life, after the President was so funny, he said, Now, I don't want any of you to say that you haven't thought about home because I know that you have. haha. You don't have to feel guilty but I already know that you are doing it. lol. So this plan is in place so that we don't have to worry about home and what in the world we are doing after the mission because we will be planning for it each morning so our mind will be on the work :) So I will let you know how is goes!

-A box I made for the Preguntas del Alma cards :) 

This week I have to say bye to 5 of my companions this week. SO SAD!!!! But happy day because I get to participate in the final testimony meeting this week! :) I am so excited!!!

Thank you for your prayers for President's son. He is doing a LOT better :) 

We had ZTM this past week and it was wonderful :) We had a scripture study on Enoch and what kind of missionary he was. Seriously this is my new favorite story in the scriptures :) There is a scripture that I love. 

-Empanadas! de Argentina :)

Moses 6:34. Behold my Spirit is upon you, wherefore all thy words will I justify; and the mountains shall flee before you, and the rivers shall turn from their course; and thou shalt abide in me, and I in you; therefore walk with me.

That last line is so amazing to me :) We had a moment in ZTM where we all personally imagined us walking with the Savior and what we would talk about and what we would do. It was very special to me. I highly recommend you all trying it. It was a very spiritual experience.

Walk with the Savior

I know that as we recognize that the Savior is with us and walking with us all the time we can feel more peace and happiness. I know that the Savior's love for us is real. That He has a deep love and concern for us and what we are going through. I know that Alma 7:11-13 is true. That He died for us and He went through every pain, sickness, and sorrow that we will go through. I love my Savior. I know that He lives. And He is always there for each and every one of us :)

I love you all! Have a wonderful week! :)

-Calaveras de azucar :)

Love, Hermana Derges :)

Monday, November 3, 2014

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

How is everyone? How was HALLOWEEN?? Did you all dress up? I sure did! Wanna guess who I was?? lol a missionary! But seriously we went to a couple ward parties and they thought we were dressing up haha. That is EXACTLY why we are on lockdown on Halloween! lol Which was fun btw :) We watched NARNIA! I love that movie! I love how it relates to the gospel so very much :) It was the first time for my comp so I was happy for her :D We dressed up as dorks :) It was fun
So at one of the parties we met an awesome family that we are hopefully going to teach soon!!! They are the Vega family :) I am very excited because we haven't had much luck lately. so we have high hopes! :)
We taught our new investigators this week and found out that they are not very open to the idea of Joseph Smith...but we are going to be teaching the Book of Mormon this week, so hopefully they will start reading and feel the Spirit from what they read :)
We had a really fun FHE with the Lopez family. Everyone participated! It was great! We played this flour tower game where you put a piece of candy on top of a tower of flour (like a sandcastle) and you have to cut a slice with a knife and not make the candy fall, or else you have to get the candy with your mouth! Haha! It was so funny :) I was doing well until the very end and it fell and I was covered in flour!!! We related this to Helaman 5:12 on how Christ needs to be our foundation. Then we talked about the ways we could make our foundation stronger :) It was really good and everyone gave their input on how to improve :)
Last thing! We heard a lovely story from our dinner on Saturday. The mom was with her 3 yr old boy and she was having a bad day and accidentally said a bad word. And later her little boy said it back. She said, "don't say that" and he asked "why?". She replied and said that "Do you remember what the Spirit is?" he said "yes". She then said, "If you say it, you will lose the Spirit" He then said "oooh then I will not say it!" I LOVE this story! She felt so bad for saying the word, but I thought it was so neat how she taught about how he would lose the spirit if he said that word. Instead of saying that you will get in trouble or you will have to sit in time out, she simply reminded him of something she had already taught him, The Spirit. and how important it is to always have it with us. She helped him connect saying something naughtly or doing something wrong with losing the Spirit of the Lord. That was a great lesson and example to me. I know how important it is to have the Spirit and to help others learn that we need to strive to always have it with us. It is so powerful and it can go away so fast when we are not worthy to have it with us. Please always strive to have the Spirit with you by doing the right thing and learning to be humble enough to recognize that you did something wrong and change to never do it again. I know that we will be blessed as we do so because we will be filled with joyful feelings of light and peace :)
I love you all! I hope you have a wonderful day! LOVE YOU!!!!
Love, Hermana Derges :)

Monday, October 27, 2014

Follow the Spirit

How are you all!? Are you all excited for Halloween? I am too! We are on lock down again and are going to be watching Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as a district :)

So there is not a lot to tell you but this week was crazy fun and busy! Mostly busy but I did have fun amongst the craziness. Haha.

A Bleached Tee I made for Hna Baker's Bday :)

So we went on exchanges this past week! :D I went to Payson for the 5th time for exchanges lol I went with Hermana Magana! She is so sweet and nice! We had a lot of fun! They are teaching a TON over there! We taught 7 lessons that day! wow! On exchanges I got to see the Mullens :) Leslie and Eduardo and also Jaynann from Santaquin! Yay! I didn't get to say goodbye to her! :) 

Then we had President Interviews on Friday :) amazing as usual!

Yesterday was the craziest busy day of them We had a 7am stake coordination, 9am sacrament mtng talks (we found out Friday evening lol), 11am our ward, helping with Primary, teaching the Laurels, then teaching 3rd hour in another ward lol It was SO crazy! go, go, go! haha :) But it was pretty fun!!!
Russian tomatos dolls made by Hna G y Yo :)

I am loving it here :) My companion is super funny and amazing! I am learning a lot from her :)
I saw the Reyes family and Lily!!!! :) We get to go and read to her twice a week! I love her and this family so much! :)
I would ask that you all pray for the son of President McCune. He got into a very serious long boarding accident and needs all our prayers. 

I am loving this work! Yesterday I talked on the impact we have by the little decisions we make each day to act on the promptings we receive from the Spirit. I know that we can really make a difference in the lives of others. So keep followings those good feelings you receive! You can see something spectacular happen :) Or you can trust in the Lord to know that your good actions made a large or small impact in the lives of others even if you didn't hear about it or see it yourself :) 

I love you all! have a great week!
Love, Hermana Derges :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

The Little Things Really Make a Difference!

This week was crazy fun and full of awesome amazing things that have happened! 
This past week was the Dia de Hispanidad, aka a HUGE party for 3 stakes celebrating all the Latino countries of the world :) It was awesome! There were so many amazing dances from each country and then delicious food from all of them as well :) YUMMY! 
GUESS who I saw there! :) The REYES FAMILY from Payson! One of my most favorite families ever! :) It was so amazing!
We got to help with the decorations! I made the "Questions of the Soul" hanging thing with cute fiesta triangles.. i don't know what it is called or else I would tell you! lol but it is in the picture!
I have been feeling so much love these past couple weeks from my amazing sisters, Jaime and Brandi! :) They both sent me Halloween packages :) I loved it! I love you two!!
So on Saturday I saw the best thing in the world!!! See picture below... :D It is a stinkin mermaid! You can wear it and become a mermaid. My childhood dreams have come true lol 
ALSO on saturday, we went to the temple with Rosario from Santaquin!! :) I love her! It was so neat because she was able to go and do the work for her mom!! :) It was so amazing :)
NO name tag!!! What??

Davis Family :)

I also saw so many amazing people that I love with all my heart :) I saw Hermana Despain, the Rades, the Davis'. They all came for an elder and sister that served here in the UPM! Haha :) It was so cool to see so many people! :)
Hna Johansen! :)


There are so many blessing happening all of the time here in the UPM. I had a miracle happen just this morning. I found an old note from a Spanish speaking sister who served in Stillwater and who I went out with once before the mission. She told me that she was impressed to give me the info for her mom who is not a member who lived in Utah. I haven't have the chance to see her mom yet because I haven't been in her area. Until now. So randomly this morning I wanted to clean out my suitcase this morning and found my wallet that I am not using right now and found the note from the sister. I looked and the address said 'Spanish Fork'. There are a lot of Spanish missionaries here so I needed to check where she lived. I looked and she lives in. our. area. 4 blocks from our house. My jaw just dropped and I am so very excited! I felt the Spirit and knew that I was called here to see her mom. I don't know what is in store for her mom, but I am very excited to find out :) I know that everything happens for a reason and that more importantly Heavenly Father is in control :) I love that and I know that it is so true. Always follow the simple small promptings that you get from the Spirit, even it is to look through an old wallet, because it could lead you to a miracle. I know that this is true :) because this is not the first time something like this has happened. Keep looking for those miracles :)
I love you all!
Love, Hermana Derges :)