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Rely on the Lord in ALL you do!

Post from October 21, 2013
 Wanna Learn about the Gospel??

Everything is all fine and dandy here in Payson :) I love it here! The trees are all changing and it is beautiful! It is getting a bit chilly here and there, but overall, the snow has not come yet, so I am a happy camper! Haha. :)

My Spanish is coming along great :) I love language study! Haha, I feel like a nerd...but I just love it! I am slowly understanding more and more. It is nice when we talk to native speakers who know English as well so we can ask questions :) This is super nice! And they are so happy to help because they can ask us questions in return about English :)

So here are some of the highlights from this past week :)

>On Monday, after emailing, part of our zone planned a surprise birthday party for Hermana Garces and my companion Hermana Baker! ....Let me tell you though, haha, it is SUPER hard to plan a SURPRISE party for someone who is with you 24/7!....hehe BUT we did it! It was so fun! And they loved it! :)

>So...on Wednesday, there was a trainer's meeting up in Provo. And since I am being follow up trained, we planned to go to the meeting. We carpooled with another set of sisters. We got there and finally realized that the training was only for the first 6 me....haha...So of course the others sisters had to stay so we were stuck in Provo! Haha....We got picked up by another set of sisters and went to the Provo Center Temple booth for their shift. It was fun! I met someone from Finland and Brazil! I miss working there when I was in Provo! There is SO much work being down on the temple! I am excited for when it gets completed! I also, luckily, got to see one of the Less active families we worked with when I was in Provo too! It was so great to see her :)

>On Saturday, we had a Dia de Deportes (can't you see we are playing hard??) hehe, for the youth/young adults in our ward for a missionary activity. We played volleyball and soccer and I scored 3 goals! Woot woot! It was a ton of fun...none of the investigators we invited came unfortunately.. but recent converts came and also an inv. from the other sisters came too! :)

 The Wonderful Reyes Family :) I ADORE them :)

>So anywhoo. Yesterday was a GREAT day :) We were invited to come to a Primary sharing time to talk about missionary work! They told the kids that we were the Spanish missionaries so they said the "hello song" with "hola" instead. haha :) When we got up there, we started speaking in spanish haha they all thought it was super funny :) We had them actually practice giving a card to their neighbor. We had to make sure they understood that when they give the card away that they give it to a friend who DOESN'T come to church or who hasn't been in a while lol. Only in Utah :) hehe. They did so great! They all gave us a huge afterwards too :) I love kids!!!! :)

Do you notice anything wrong in this picture?? :) (look at her feet...hehe...and we are in a lesson!!)
>Also, TWO of our investigators came to church!!! YAY!!! :) We were SO excited! Erin, came with her mother-in-law, who is a member. Her husband was at work.. Erin's husband is less active and wishwashy about coming back...but we are teaching Erin, who is doing great! We came over after church and taught her an awesome lesson on the Sacrament :) The Spirit was SO strong :) She really knows that God loves her! :) She is so so sweet and wonderful! I hope and pray that she keeps wanting to learn more!


>Also yesterday was Sister Baker's birthday! So a lot of members did very very sweet things for her :) We went over to an appt with a less active lady's, who actually is really really sick :/ She is so so sweet. We absolutely love her and her family. They are from Argentina! They were so sweet that they made a bday cake for Hna Baker! :) I am glad that she had a great bday on the mish :)

>One awesome thing that I learned from the Lord this week...which sounds pretty silly.. is that I need Him for EVERYTHING. I need to pray everyday for His help, because I cannot do it alone. I learned that the more that I ask and pray for His help along with me trying the best I can, that my days go by so smoothly and I can feel the Spirit more and more during my day. I learned, from one of the talks at church, that we need to let the Lord take the lead in our lives. We need to submit our will to Him and let him guide us. He knows how to help us and knows what we need to do in our lives to be truly happy.

I know that my Savior lives and that He loves us :) He is ALWAYS there waiting for us to beckon to Him and to follow in His footsteps :)

I love you all! Thank you for all of your love and kindness towards me! :) I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week!

love, Hermana Derges :)

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