Tuesday, May 27, 2014

You Cannot Fall With Christ!

So this just happened two minutes ago lol A little girl just said to her mom, "I just saw missionary!!" The whole library heard lol so cute! :)
Swinging Around :)

It started out at the Human Curiosity Museum at Thanksgiving Point :) It was so much fun! I have a couple pics from it attached on the message :) it was really fun :)
Little door!

So sad note!!!! Hermana Despain, my AMAZING compy is going home this week!!!! noooooooooo! lol I love her so so much! She should just extend her mission so we can be comps for forever! lol :) I am going to miss her but I am SO excited for the next chapter in her life :)

Librado, our investigator is getting so close and ready for his baptism coming up! :) I am so pumped for him :) He is just SO willing to accept the gospel into his life. He is amazing!

We had a lesson with Eva this past week and she said she had a lovely time going to the Jordan River Temple with hermana Wheeler :) I love it! She is so enriched in the gospel! She even told us that earlier that day at work she had a strong impression to come home and read the book of mormon! :) So awesome! She is so in-tune with the spirit and she followings the promptings she receives :) I just love her! :) What a great example she is to me and to the rest of us. Each time she bears her testimony the spirit is so strong. She always mentions that she used to feel an emptiness but now she feels filled and happy now. :) How great is that? :)
Skylee and me :)
On church on Sunday, we had the stake high councilmen come and speak to us in our ward. One of the speakers was speaking about Machu Picchu and how in the ruins they are built so perfectly to withstand the earthquakes and the heavy rainstorms there. The rocks were shaped and cut so perfectly and stacked so tightly that not even a blade of grass could fit between them. The pillars were built in this manner to withstand the climate that they knew was going to be a potential danger. They planned and built accordingly and because they did so, the ruins are still intact today. This draws a perfect parallel to our day. We need to built strongly in the gospel so that we will be able to withstand the storms and whirlwinds that satan throws at us in our day. The way we do this is relying more on Jesus Christ and following his gospel. We need to have faith, to repent, to be baptized and partake of the sacrament every week, and keep doing those things again and again. That way we are building that strong foundation in Christ and building up from there in a manner that we will not fall. I love the scripture Helaman 5:12:

And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon the rock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your foundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty storm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall.

It is one of my favorites. I know that it is true. With Christ as our foundation we cannot fall. I know that He is my Savior and that He loves me and all of you. Trust in Him! and build your foundation in Him and you cannot fail. We will be strong like unto the ruins of Maccu Picchu- woven tight that nothing can make us fall. I know that this is true with all my heart! :)

I love you all! have a lovely week! :)

love, hermana derges :)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Serve with Your Mind, Feet, and HEART!

So an AMAZING thing that happened was that Eva, our new convert who was baptized last month, came with us to the Provo temple to do baptisms for the dead!! The neatest part was that before we helped her put in the information for her parents and someone got baptized and confirmed for her dad and she got to be baptized and confirmed for her mom!!!! She said she felt so so special there in the temple and that when she was being confirmed for her mom she said she could feel her right there!!! She was so so so happy!!! And so was I! :) I love Eva! She is so so neat and special. She is going back this week with one of her friends from the ward to do baptisms again! Yay!! :) it was such a special and spiritual experience :) 
Eva! :)

Now, I don't believe I can top a story like that but :) another neat thing that happened this past week was that we had a missionary conference for all the Spanish missionaries in the mission. We had the treat of having Elder Don R. Clark, from the first quorum of the 70, to come and teach us. It was really neat. I learned a lot of things that are going to help me work better with the lovely Latinos that I get to work with everyday!!! (lucky me!!!) Seriously I want to be Latina jaja :) Which, btw, Hermana Gutierrez said that I was Mexican!! Haha :) 

All of the comps Hermana Despain has had who are still on their missions!

But anyways lol, One thing I really liked, was that he said that we need 3 things to really serve with all our strength. We need our mind, our feet, and most importantly our heart. I really like that. He said that we can do a lot of wasting time with just serving with our feet. Or we can do well with serving with our mind and our feet. But the element of serving with all three is where the magic and pure service comes from; our heart being the biggest part. I know that serving in this manner really does help me to be a better servant of my Savior Jesus Christ. I am here to serve Him, so why not give all I got?? :) It is the same for us in our day to day actions, even if you don't have a badge on your chest. Serve with your mind, feet and most importantly with your heart and you will feel the spirit and feel that you are making a difference in someone else's life for the better :)
I love you all. I am doing great, just serving hard and LOVING Saratoga Springs and my awesome comp! :) 

Have a lovely day and go out and serve!!!

Love, Hermana Derges :)

Monday, May 12, 2014

This Isn't My Mission

 Hola :)

I hope you all had a LOVELY mother's day :) especially for all the mothers out there :) Mine was FANTASTIC! :) I got to talk to my mom, dad, my sisters, Jaime and Brandi, my brother Justin, my cute nieces and nephews, and to be the sweetest person ever...David came to my parents house to surprise me on skype!!! It was such a fun skype call!!!!! :) It made my day! :) I love all of them so so much! :)

The rest of my week was great as well :)

Tuesday we had a meeting on how to share the gospel online! it was awesome! It was done by the MoreGood Foundation- great non profit organization that is working hand and hand with the church to make our appearance on the internet more positive and more vocal. This is really the beginning to some very exciting things on the internet! You all can help!!! Just go to lds.net/share to watch some videos and hear all about it!!! :) And you can also ask me questions too!! :)

We had zone conference that same and it was awesome! I got to play the piano for it...eek! haha just kidding. I practiced a LOT haha :) I learned a lot at our conference. I really understood the WHY to why I am preaching the gospel. The why is that other families can be with their families for FOREVER. The why is that the people will know that Heavenly Father loves them that they will know where to turn for an everlasting love in this world. -This isn't my mission, it is the Lord's. I need to be my best so that I can help others more and help bring them closer to Christ. I LOVE my mission. It has been hard, but I love the challenge it gives me to become better everyday and become a better servant of my Savior Jesus Christ.

I know that this gospel is true :) no hay dudas en mi mente ni corazon.

I love you all!!!! :)

Love, Hermana Derges :)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Miracles All Around

Hey everyone I hope you had an amazing week like I did! I saw so many neat things happen this week!!! :) I don't know where to start! 

So! Amazing item number 1! A lovely family in our ward talked to their neighbor who lives in their basement about the gospel to see if he would like to learn more! So we got to teach him! His name is Emilio and he is super ready to accept the gospel! He also came to church yesterday! :) And he really liked it! :)

#2 Hermano Gutierrez, who was baptized in March, got to bless the sacrament yesterday! It was so cool! I love seeing people come into the church and just grow and thrive in the gospel! :) Miracles! 

#3 We got to go to the temple on Tuesday :) So fun! I LOVE the temple-such a special and spiritual place :)

#4 We had four amazing investigators come to church yesterday! So neat :) The ward just welcomes them in!

Amazing item number five! Librado our investigator wants to get baptized this month!! He told us yesterday at church that he understands why it is so important to get baptized so he wants to do it! :) So amazing right??? We are SO pumped for him!! :) We have a lesson with him tonight and it is going to be great! :)

Plus we had 10 lessons this past week and 9 of those lessons we had a member/fellowshipper with us!!! :) I love our ward!!! They are amazing!

And some fun things on the side :) On Monday we did crafts with a recent convert, Amber, and her family :) see pic below :) Also, we got taken out to Texas Roadhouse!!! It was Hna Despains first time! :) Yum!! :) And I got to hug a minion haha. 

Best week ever! :)

I just want to share my testimony that I know that the church and the gospel are true. If they weren't I wouldn't be seeing all these amazing miracles happen around me. I know that Christ lives and that He leads and guides me :) I know that Heavenly Father prepares His children to hear of the gospel and to accept it. I know that He also prepares us as we go out and teach. He helps prepare the missionaries and He definitely prepares the members when they come out with us! I saw this time and time again this week when a member came out with us and they somehow in someway had a connection with the person we went to go teach. It was wonderful to see! It really strengthened my testimony to know that this is the Lord's work and that if we just try our best to do our part we can see miracles all around us. I know that if you all make an effort to either go out with the missionaries, talk to your friends around you or online, or serve someone you may not know that you WILL see the Lord work through you. He will help you in missionary work, it wouldn't make sense if He didn't ;) lol 

You all are amazing and I love you so much!

Have a great week!!! :) Don't forget to serve!! :)

Love, Hermana Derges :)