Monday, July 29, 2013

I am Representing the Lord Jesus Christ

Hola everyone!! :)

I hope everyone has been having a great week! :) And thank you for all of your emails and letters!

I was able to be a host for new missionaries this past Wednesday! :) I saw Andrew! He pulled up right in front of me!!! So neat to see a familiar face! I hosted two new sisters! One was going to Philedelphia and the other one was going to Tahiti speaking French and Tahitian! Crazy! And I think learning Spanish is hard at times lol. I am sooooo thankful that I am NOT learning a harder language like Chinese or Finnish lol. My spanish is coming along wonderfully! :) I didn't have any silly mess ups this week! YAY. Very successful week haha.

TIME is flyyyyyyyyyyinnn!!! I received my travel plans!!! I leave the MTC next Tuesday (4th)! WAHOOOO! :) And like most of you have guessed the itinerary was two sentences! :) haha I'm going down the street ya'll! :) I am so excited to get out into the field!! :) but I also love my little safety bubble at the MTC. Hehe. I am learning so much here!!! I am ready to start teaching real people out in Utah who haven't heard or accepted the gospel! :)

Anywhoo....I loved this past week! I learned so many spiritual lessons! Like: I need to BE MYSELF-be cheerful! And BE BOLD but not overbearing :) I learned an analogy I was taught about being a chosen generation: If you filled two basketball stadiums full of people, and an angel came around to pick ONE person to come to the earth in these last days. Well, the angel came and chose you and me! Out of 200,000 people the angel chose you to come to the earth! Now, think about it, are you living up to their expectations? Or better yet, are you living up to the Lord's expectations for you? Are you becoming who He expects and wants and created you to be?

I LOVED this :) I am trying to do my best to fill the role Heavenly Father has called me to be. :) And you all can too!

I love you all! I know this gospel is true!! :) Jesus Christ lives and through Him you can be forgiven of your sins! Just pray and have faith and TRUST in him!

Chao Chao!! :)
Love, Hna. Derges! :)

All the sisters in our zone!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spiritually Jammed Packed!

Hola World! :)

This week has been great and so jammed packed with spiritual experiences! It started on Monday when I had lost my voice! And I was SO BUMMED because I really wanted to sing at Tuesday Night's devotional, esp. because it was going to be broadcasted to the MTC's around the world. So Monday night my comp and I say our nightly companion prayer and she asked that my voice would return and low and did!!! Yay! So i was able to sing for President Hinckley's son Robert Hinckley! :) Miracles all around! :) At the devotional, I learned so many great things for us to do and not do on our missions. One thing that really stood out to me was that we should not be ashamed of our testimonies and we NEED to be CONVERTED to the gospel and to the Lord! Missions are super hard (but worth it all the way!) Pero, when you are converted unto the Lord, when the hard trials and hard times come, it will be WAY easier to face them :) advice to all of you...GO BUILD UP YOUR TESTIMONY AND THEN BE CONVERTED TO THE LORD :) Okey dokie???

Another awesome thing that happened this week was in our Relief Society meeting. I learned that we need to have faith in EVERY footstep that we take! Even though our faith will be tried a lot throughout our lives, if we keep away from our temptations, strive to be obedient always, and always remember to pray always, then our faith will be STRENGTHENED so so much and we will grow closer to the Lord! :)

Last thing! From Elder Bednar's talk, Characters of Christ (That I had the amazing privilege to watch again last night) I learned once again that we need to TURN away from the natural man and repent and "re" turn to God. Turning to God and out to others in compassion, love and service is following what Christ did throughout His life. His WHOLE character was looking to others and serving them with love. Even when He was persecuted, betrayed, and when he was suffering for our sins in the garden and on the cross, he was turning out from himself and looking to others and caring for them. WOW! I love the Savior so so much and I know that HE LIVES! :) Let us follow the Lord's example and not think about ourselves but lose ourselves in serving Him and others with LOVE. I know we will be blessed for making this change in our lives! I am striving to do it more and more in mine and I can see it change me :) The GOSPEL IS TRUE and it TRUELY does bless lives!! :)

My District!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!! I love and miss you all!
Love, Hermana Derges :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Yo Soy Dios" :) Jaja

The Beautiful Provo Temple!

Our pretty door :)

"What-e'er Thou Art, Act Well Thy Part" :)

Hola everyone!! I hope everyone's week has been awesome!!

FIRST OF ALL, I want to give a BIG shout out to my best friend in the entire world, Christen...SHE IS ENGAGED YA'LL! :) Oh my goodness! I am SO excited for her! Christen! You better be photoshopping me into your wedding pics for sure! haha :) I love you!

Second of all, my week has been splendid! :) Hermana Sablan and I have 2 new investigators, Belgica and Jime! They are so neat! And it has been fun to teach them in Spanish. Our three lessons with them this past week have been great! We have taught 10 lessons so far in Spanish :) Crazy, huh?? Plus! We are barely using notes anymore! We have been trying to just follow the spirit to teach to their needs and the Spanish words come just when we need them to! :) It's crazy how much we are learning in el CCM! :) This past week I have memorized the 1st vision, baptism commitment, and teaching someone how to pray in espanol! :) Sweetness! I owe all of this to the Lord, He certainly helps out his servants accomplish all that He has asked them to do! :)

In el CCm, we have the blessed opportunity of teaching real people (I say this because our investigators, mentioned above, are actually our teachers acting out an investigator) lol and helping them in their lives! All kinds of people come just to be taught by the missionaries. WE taught a couple about faith and how we all need to strengthen our faith and hope in our Savior Jesus Christ! It was a super neat experience! :)

Last thing! Yesterday, (Sunday, which is the best day next to P-day) was super awesome! The sisters were taught in the Relief Society that we should NEVER be discouraged as missionaries because whatever our efforts produce, we will ALWAYS be planting seeds in others' hearts! Whether we are the ones planting or gathering in the produce, we are ALL essential in the Lord's work! And last night in the devotional, I learned that what we do or say as missionaries is definitely not the most essential part in helping others come unto Christ. The most important part is that the spirit needs to be there to touch the hearts of our investigators to allow them to feel the truth of our words and the love that Heavenly Father has for them!
:) I am going to start a line of the week, bc something funny is ALWAYS happening!

(Bearing our testimonies during our lesson with Jaime)
-Hna. Sablan: "Yo soy Dios..."
-Me: (While trying not to giggle..but failing lol) "Yo se que Dios??"
-Hermana Sablan: "Oh yeah oh yeah...Yo se que Dios..."
Hahaha oh yeah my companion is God, and I am lucky enough to be her comp. lol :)

Love you all!!
Love, Hermana Derges

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hola everyone! :)

I hope everyone has had a great week! :) I have had a roller coaster but everything is going great :) My spanish is coming along great and i have been learning a TON! :) MY comp and I have taught 5 lessons in Spanish thus far and we have done splendidly lol even though it has been stressful to do has been quite an adventure. We taught an "investigator" (teacher actor) Mateo and during our lessons He committed to be baptized and to read and pray to know that if the BOM is true (it think we all know what answer he got :) and to pray to ask for forgiveness of his sins! He said that we did a great job at making him feel our love and God's love :) Happy happy day! :)

Oh btw..the talk I mentioned last week by Elder Bednar is called, Characters of Christ :) (GO READ/LISTEN TO IT! :)

July 4th was really really neat! First of all, I hope you all had a great 4th! I did :) In the evening we had a devotional about our founding fathers and then we watched The 17 miracles movie til about 10pm :) it was so great! I learned a lot about the Mormon pioneers and I am so thankful for them and their sacrifice. Then they gave us ice cream and we got to watch the fireworks that were shot off from the BYU stadium! :) Such a nice treat!!! Here are some pics!

Las Hermanas :)

Waiting for the Fireworks at 10:20 :)


Plus we got to go to bed at 11:30..but we still had to wake up at 6:30...yuck lol

Last thing :) A district from our zone left today and I was so sad...They were AMAZING! Now we are the only four sisters in our zone...At our testimony meeting, Hermana Barlow sang a song, that she wrote, while playing it on the piano. It is called, Two Years by Carli Barlow :) (You can listen to it on Itunes and i think youtube) SO PRETTY! It helped me remember why I am on my mission :) I want to pay the Lord back everything He has done for me by going out to serve Him for 18 months. Like in the song, 18 months (or Two years like it is in the song) is not a long time in comparison to eternity :)

My District :)

The sisters in our zone :)
I know that this gospel is TRUE! You can know it too! The Lord loves you all and is watching over you ;) Believe and trust in Him

Love you all!
Love, Hermana Derges

Monday, July 1, 2013

It's Official!

I am now a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!
Yay! So Here is my first blog post from within the CCM! (MTC en espanol!) :)

But first of all! Just so you all know my P-day is on Mondays! So....WRITE ME! :) :) :) por favor? lol Even if it is just to say hi! I would absolutely love it! :) Also I believe I told you all wrong..on click the MTC provo mission! :) thanks everyone!
So here is an update of my first couple days here! The first day was kind of crazy and overwhelming but it was a fun first day! 

Here is my companera! :) Her name is Hermana Sablan and she is from Seattle! She is so sweet! :)

And here is my district! All of the hermanas and one elder are going to Provo and the other three are going to Texas!

The first night we were actually put in a lesson where we taught investigators in English (thank goodness!)

On Thursday, my comp and I were walking past some elders and they said Konichiwa to us and we had no idea what to say back lol after an awkward pause we finally said hola! then quickly giggled and walked away! good times lol! Also we met our teachers today ! They are so cool! But they only speak spanish to us! lol

We taught our first investigator in only Spanish on Thursday! Crazy pressure! But we got his phone number and he committed to reading the BOM and meeting with us again! :) Then at the next lesson I accidentally asked if he had an esposo...which is husband in spanish lol... :) I QUICKLY corrected myself and said esposa lol :) We taught him the first lesson and he committed to reading and praying if the BOM was true and to coming to church the next day! :) Awesome! haha! Great day!
We met our Branch presidency and they are so sweet and nice! :)
A funny thing that happened in the middle of class on Friday to get our blood flowing from being in class for 6 hours... we sang "head, shoulders, knees, and toes...en espanol with all the motions!!! :) SO FUNNY! We were just cracking up the whole time!

Sunday has been my favorite day thus far! En la manana, the sisters watched Music and the Spoken ward and went to Relief Society! I learned that we need to FULLY IMMERSE ourselves in the gospel and we need to not only know how the spirit feels to us but how he TALKS to us as well :) Then on to Sacrament meeting where two people get picked to speak randomly...(its kinda feels like the hunger games lol) Then we walked around the temple! So amazing! Unfortunately the temple is closed until August!

Anyway Then in the evening, we listened to a talk by Elder David A Bednar on turning outward towards others like Christ did instead of looking inwards...BEST TALK EVER! Don't be a cookie monster lol

That is all for now, I love you all! The gospel is TRUE!!

Love, Hermana Derges