Monday, July 29, 2013

I am Representing the Lord Jesus Christ

Hola everyone!! :)

I hope everyone has been having a great week! :) And thank you for all of your emails and letters!

I was able to be a host for new missionaries this past Wednesday! :) I saw Andrew! He pulled up right in front of me!!! So neat to see a familiar face! I hosted two new sisters! One was going to Philedelphia and the other one was going to Tahiti speaking French and Tahitian! Crazy! And I think learning Spanish is hard at times lol. I am sooooo thankful that I am NOT learning a harder language like Chinese or Finnish lol. My spanish is coming along wonderfully! :) I didn't have any silly mess ups this week! YAY. Very successful week haha.

TIME is flyyyyyyyyyyinnn!!! I received my travel plans!!! I leave the MTC next Tuesday (4th)! WAHOOOO! :) And like most of you have guessed the itinerary was two sentences! :) haha I'm going down the street ya'll! :) I am so excited to get out into the field!! :) but I also love my little safety bubble at the MTC. Hehe. I am learning so much here!!! I am ready to start teaching real people out in Utah who haven't heard or accepted the gospel! :)

Anywhoo....I loved this past week! I learned so many spiritual lessons! Like: I need to BE MYSELF-be cheerful! And BE BOLD but not overbearing :) I learned an analogy I was taught about being a chosen generation: If you filled two basketball stadiums full of people, and an angel came around to pick ONE person to come to the earth in these last days. Well, the angel came and chose you and me! Out of 200,000 people the angel chose you to come to the earth! Now, think about it, are you living up to their expectations? Or better yet, are you living up to the Lord's expectations for you? Are you becoming who He expects and wants and created you to be?

I LOVED this :) I am trying to do my best to fill the role Heavenly Father has called me to be. :) And you all can too!

I love you all! I know this gospel is true!! :) Jesus Christ lives and through Him you can be forgiven of your sins! Just pray and have faith and TRUST in him!

Chao Chao!! :)
Love, Hna. Derges! :)

All the sisters in our zone!

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