Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Spiritually Jammed Packed!

Hola World! :)

This week has been great and so jammed packed with spiritual experiences! It started on Monday when I had lost my voice! And I was SO BUMMED because I really wanted to sing at Tuesday Night's devotional, esp. because it was going to be broadcasted to the MTC's around the world. So Monday night my comp and I say our nightly companion prayer and she asked that my voice would return and low and behold....it did!!! Yay! So i was able to sing for President Hinckley's son Robert Hinckley! :) Miracles all around! :) At the devotional, I learned so many great things for us to do and not do on our missions. One thing that really stood out to me was that we should not be ashamed of our testimonies and we NEED to be CONVERTED to the gospel and to the Lord! Missions are super hard (but worth it all the way!) Pero, when you are converted unto the Lord, when the hard trials and hard times come, it will be WAY easier to face them :) So....my advice to all of you...GO BUILD UP YOUR TESTIMONY AND THEN BE CONVERTED TO THE LORD :) Okey dokie???

Another awesome thing that happened this week was in our Relief Society meeting. I learned that we need to have faith in EVERY footstep that we take! Even though our faith will be tried a lot throughout our lives, if we keep away from our temptations, strive to be obedient always, and always remember to pray always, then our faith will be STRENGTHENED so so much and we will grow closer to the Lord! :)

Last thing! From Elder Bednar's talk, Characters of Christ (That I had the amazing privilege to watch again last night) I learned once again that we need to TURN away from the natural man and repent and "re" turn to God. Turning to God and out to others in compassion, love and service is following what Christ did throughout His life. His WHOLE character was looking to others and serving them with love. Even when He was persecuted, betrayed, and when he was suffering for our sins in the garden and on the cross, he was turning out from himself and looking to others and caring for them. WOW! I love the Savior so so much and I know that HE LIVES! :) Let us follow the Lord's example and not think about ourselves but lose ourselves in serving Him and others with LOVE. I know we will be blessed for making this change in our lives! I am striving to do it more and more in mine and I can see it change me :) The GOSPEL IS TRUE and it TRUELY does bless lives!! :)

My District!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!! I love and miss you all!
Love, Hermana Derges :)

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