Monday, July 1, 2013

It's Official!

I am now a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!
Yay! So Here is my first blog post from within the CCM! (MTC en espanol!) :)

But first of all! Just so you all know my P-day is on Mondays! So....WRITE ME! :) :) :) por favor? lol Even if it is just to say hi! I would absolutely love it! :) Also I believe I told you all wrong..on click the MTC provo mission! :) thanks everyone!
So here is an update of my first couple days here! The first day was kind of crazy and overwhelming but it was a fun first day! 

Here is my companera! :) Her name is Hermana Sablan and she is from Seattle! She is so sweet! :)

And here is my district! All of the hermanas and one elder are going to Provo and the other three are going to Texas!

The first night we were actually put in a lesson where we taught investigators in English (thank goodness!)

On Thursday, my comp and I were walking past some elders and they said Konichiwa to us and we had no idea what to say back lol after an awkward pause we finally said hola! then quickly giggled and walked away! good times lol! Also we met our teachers today ! They are so cool! But they only speak spanish to us! lol

We taught our first investigator in only Spanish on Thursday! Crazy pressure! But we got his phone number and he committed to reading the BOM and meeting with us again! :) Then at the next lesson I accidentally asked if he had an esposo...which is husband in spanish lol... :) I QUICKLY corrected myself and said esposa lol :) We taught him the first lesson and he committed to reading and praying if the BOM was true and to coming to church the next day! :) Awesome! haha! Great day!
We met our Branch presidency and they are so sweet and nice! :)
A funny thing that happened in the middle of class on Friday to get our blood flowing from being in class for 6 hours... we sang "head, shoulders, knees, and toes...en espanol with all the motions!!! :) SO FUNNY! We were just cracking up the whole time!

Sunday has been my favorite day thus far! En la manana, the sisters watched Music and the Spoken ward and went to Relief Society! I learned that we need to FULLY IMMERSE ourselves in the gospel and we need to not only know how the spirit feels to us but how he TALKS to us as well :) Then on to Sacrament meeting where two people get picked to speak randomly...(its kinda feels like the hunger games lol) Then we walked around the temple! So amazing! Unfortunately the temple is closed until August!

Anyway Then in the evening, we listened to a talk by Elder David A Bednar on turning outward towards others like Christ did instead of looking inwards...BEST TALK EVER! Don't be a cookie monster lol

That is all for now, I love you all! The gospel is TRUE!!

Love, Hermana Derges

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