Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hola everyone! :)

I hope everyone has had a great week! :) I have had a roller coaster but everything is going great :) My spanish is coming along great and i have been learning a TON! :) MY comp and I have taught 5 lessons in Spanish thus far and we have done splendidly lol even though it has been stressful to do has been quite an adventure. We taught an "investigator" (teacher actor) Mateo and during our lessons He committed to be baptized and to read and pray to know that if the BOM is true (it think we all know what answer he got :) and to pray to ask for forgiveness of his sins! He said that we did a great job at making him feel our love and God's love :) Happy happy day! :)

Oh btw..the talk I mentioned last week by Elder Bednar is called, Characters of Christ :) (GO READ/LISTEN TO IT! :)

July 4th was really really neat! First of all, I hope you all had a great 4th! I did :) In the evening we had a devotional about our founding fathers and then we watched The 17 miracles movie til about 10pm :) it was so great! I learned a lot about the Mormon pioneers and I am so thankful for them and their sacrifice. Then they gave us ice cream and we got to watch the fireworks that were shot off from the BYU stadium! :) Such a nice treat!!! Here are some pics!

Las Hermanas :)

Waiting for the Fireworks at 10:20 :)


Plus we got to go to bed at 11:30..but we still had to wake up at 6:30...yuck lol

Last thing :) A district from our zone left today and I was so sad...They were AMAZING! Now we are the only four sisters in our zone...At our testimony meeting, Hermana Barlow sang a song, that she wrote, while playing it on the piano. It is called, Two Years by Carli Barlow :) (You can listen to it on Itunes and i think youtube) SO PRETTY! It helped me remember why I am on my mission :) I want to pay the Lord back everything He has done for me by going out to serve Him for 18 months. Like in the song, 18 months (or Two years like it is in the song) is not a long time in comparison to eternity :)

My District :)

The sisters in our zone :)
I know that this gospel is TRUE! You can know it too! The Lord loves you all and is watching over you ;) Believe and trust in Him

Love you all!
Love, Hermana Derges

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