Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Lords Works by Miracles :)

Hanging out with my friend Billy Bob Joe :)
I hope you all had an awesome week! :) I sure did and I saw and heard of a LOT of miracles that occurred :)

Here are the highlights from the week! :)

>First off, I completely missed this one a couple of weeks ago..but I got to milk a cow! Some of you won't recognize this city girl when I get home. haha. :) It was so much fun! Also! I got to do some service in my skirt, haha. I was mowing the lawn! And if I am correct, It was my first time ever mowing....haha. It was pretty fun! :) And it was awesome too because I got to do service for the sweetest recent convert ever :)

>I got a new comp! :) It was sad to say goodbye to Hermana Baker but Hna Lutz and Hna Baker are practically the same person haha. It has been fun these past couple of days. She is from California and she is fun and we have been working hard in Payson! We are ready to build up this part of the Lord's vineyard :)
 Mowing a lawn in a skirt :) haha
>So this past week was of course Halloween! Wow, time is flying..but we had to be on lockdown on Halloween night, so we went to a nearby church..which was just SO FAR...haha :) And we got to play games and watch Ephraim's rescue, which is an awesome movie by the way! It was sort of like 17 miracles, but just told from a different point of view on the Mormon Trek out west. :) It was cool because even though it was a movie, you can still feel the spirit. :)

>We taught an AMAZINGLY spiritual lesson to Erin. She is so so so amazing! I love her so much! :) We shared the mormon message "Mountains to Climb" and she felt the spirit so strongly! We testified to her that she is loved by our Heavenly Father and that she is His daughter. In her prayer, she said that she knows that when the sisters come she can feel the difference. After the prayer she said that she knows it is the Spirit. She said that! She knows the feeling! :) It was so so great to hear that! I know that the Spirit works miracles and touches everyone's heart. I know I am simply the guide to allow them to feel the Spirit more in their life and to lead them to true happiness that comes from the Gospel :)

Elsa :) I love her!!!
>Lili, the mom of a less member family, said that her son, who just turned 12 had a brain tumor and that by this age, his brain would have stopped working...she knows that he is healthy, happy and strong all because they are going to church and doing what is right. Mikey received the priesthood yesterday and he is a living example of a miracle!! :) Love it!

>So.. we have been struggling with finding more people to teach.. we felt impressed to go through our former inv. and we went to a house and we testified to her on the doorstep that our message blesses families. She said "Pasen pasen!" yay! She let us in! She got all of her kids (4) and they all listened and participated and were fully engaged!!! We taught la Restauracion and they ALL commited to be baptized!!! It was so amazing! The mom says that she knows that this message will strengthen her family and bring them closer together :) Man...We were jumping up and down, outside of course lol, after the lesson :) we were so happy that we found this amazing family to teach :) :)

So there ya have it. I hope you all can see miracles happen in your life :) I am telling ya they are EVERYWHERE! :)

hehe I LOVE you all and I wish you all to have a wonderful week!

love, hermana derges :) :)

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