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Teach the Why!

Post from November 11, 2013
Have any of you had an experience this past week where you saw a miracle happen? If you did, tell me about it! I would love to know :)

This past week was a lot of fun! We are still constantly trying to find more and more people to teach and who are prepared to receive the gospel. We have been going through our previous investigators and we have been finding a lot of potentials from this :)

So here are the highlights from the past week! :)

>Yesterday, The elders and us got to sing in the Primary program! We sang the third verse to "We'll bring the world His Truth" :) Then the whole congregation and primary joined in for the chorus. It was super fun :) Man, primary programs are the best! I love all the kiddos

>So about two days ago, we were studying up in our apartment and I randomly look down and I see a horse just chilling in the back yard. (their backyard has a fence and it usually never has animals in it because they are usually out in the fields) So I simply thought, well thats funny..I guess they let them in...So about 30 minutes later, we hear one of the Morley boys shouting outside..So we look down from the windows and now we see about 3 horses and now a cow! All chomping away at the bright green grass. Oh no! So lol we go down to try to help him get all the animals out of the backyard lol. So funny! We had to lour them out with oats lol But they magically came back in! Apparently as we soon found out that there were two gates open, so the second we get a horse out, it would come back in through the other gate. Haha :) Eventually we got all of them out. I wish I had taken a pic of it :) It was the highlight of my day :)

>So here in Utah, I have found that if you are not LDS you make it known to the people...So when we have someone to contact who is not a member and they are catholic, they usually have a "we are catholic" sign and it says to not proselyte here...lol So we knock them anyway and last night we were at a house for our appointment and they actually have this sign on their window..We knock a couple times- and we see them turn off ALL the lights in the house lol...again and again we knock..no response. So when we were walking away, we see on the window this sign and the blinds are somewhat open, so we could see the whole family just chilling on the couch...it was pretty funny to see lol...Sadly we went on to the next house..haha :)

> We ate with a fam from Portugal and for some odd reason..maybe because I was a little tired, I ALMOST asked them if they "habla espanol?" Lol I am SO GLAD I didn't...because of course they do not haha.. Also there, we met a foreign exchange student from brazil! She was so cute because she said that when she first got here, she had thought Mormons were Amish. So of course the family she is with are LDS and they broke the news to her that they were Mormon, and she said " Wait, you are mormon? Then why do you have electricity?" :) She was so funny :)

>So we went over to the fam I told you about last week, that all agreed to be baptized? We had another lesson with them and the mom said that she is no longer interested in getting baptized...sad day!!! We are going to still go over there and continue to teach the whole fam, because the kids seem more interested at times than she is. So hopefully as we keep on teaching her, she will come around :) Because we know she and her fam felt the Spirit and that is why she keeps letting us come back :)

> We had lesson with the Reyes family last night and simply the highlight was Lily, the lady who is super sick with lou gehrig's disease...was laughing :) I know it is so simple, but I just love seeing her loving life, even when this time is a sad time for her. She knows that this is not the end, and I can add my testimony of this as well :) We will be with our loved ones again after death and most importantly we will be able to return to our Heavenly Father's presence if we do our best here on earth :)

>Lastly, we had stake conference yesterday and since we were getting a new presidency, two of the 70 were there, Elder Munday and Snow. It was so so amazing! I learned so much :)

---here are some highlights that I got from it :)

Elder Munday
"Family home evening: the only war that starts with a prayer" Haha :)

Sometimes we know the what and how to a gospel principle....but sometimes we don't know the why. We need to teach the WHY to help others understand the deeper meaning. When others ask WHY I have to follow this rule or not to do this or have to do that- they are simply seeking to understand the truth. He explained it like this - God taught Adam and Eve the plan of redemption, the why, before He gave them the commandments

I loved what I learned from this. When we understand the why, we will more likely to understand and therefore choose to obey. Although, this doesn't happen ALL the time, because sometimes we have to simply walk by faith to follow the commandments, but even then, we know the WHY to it, the why is simply that if we love God, we will follow Him and His Son Jesus Christ :) John 14:15

So anywhoo! This was my week :) I hope you all have a lovely Veteran's Day :)

I love you all and I want to thank you for all of your love and support and prayers :) It truly means a lot to me :)

Don't forget to send me the miracles that you have seen!!

Love, Hermana Derges :)

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