Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Be the Answer to Another Person's Prayer

Post from November 18, 2013

This week has been pretty great for me. We got a lot of work done and we are working diligently to build up Payson! :) My Spanish is coming along pretty well, I just need to practice more and more! I just talked to someone who served a Spanish speaking mission in Minnesota and she learned Spanish! So this gives me hope! lol :) Haha, I know that the Lord will help me :) Thank goodness! haha

Sooooo here are some of the highlights of this past week!

>First off, this is going to sound silly, BUT on Tuesday.. I went on exchanges with our sister training leader and I got to drive! For the first time in 4 and a half months I got to drive a car :) haha I thought this was so fun :)....I bet it might have been scary for my comp for a bit, but we lived! just kidding :)

>Ok ok, because this goes out to my family, you already know this...but my cute little niece Reece got baptized this past week! She is so darn cute!! :) I am SO excited for her and she looks pretty happy from the pics :) Love her!

>This past week I got to go to the temple with my comp, Hna Lutz :) I love the temple! I learn something new each time. And it is such a blessing to feel the Spirit of the Lord so strongly there! :)

>We had an activity in our Spanish ward: Dia de Gracias. It was a HUGE dinner and just a night to mingle. We had a couple of our investigators come and we were able to get to know the whole ward a little better. :) At the end, I used up ALL the spanish that I knew...lol Man, it was tough! haha :)

>Our amazing investigator, Erin, came to church yesterday for all three hours! :) She is the best! She was asking about the sacrament and what it meant. We got on the subject of baptism and she really wants to learn more about it. :) We are so excited for her and what direction she is moving in! :) It is so great :)

>Last thing :) At church yesterday, I learned something that is neat that I would like to share with all of you :) I learned that we can be the angels for others. The Lord will send help to us and others on the other side and this side of the veil. We are able to be the Lord's hands on this earth if we are following the Spirit of the Lord. ---The speaker shared his experience of one time he was scared for his life on his mission in Russia. He said that there was one time that he and his companion ran out of this house because the man living there was chasing them with a knife..he said he felt so so scared, then all of the sudden he and his comp both stop and feel a peaceful feeling. Both of them, at the same time. Then they looked and there was another man just standing over there in the distance. The man with the knife, saw this other man and stopped and turned around and walked away. When he said he got off his mission, he told his mom about this particular day. She went and got her journal and looked up that exact day and she wrote in her journal that in the middle of the night(bc of the time distance) she felt the biggest impression from the spirit that her son was in danger and she knelt and prayed for him--- We can be angels for others in our lives. This was a miracle and it happened because his mom and the man across the way, followed the promptings of the spirit. Miracles, large and small, happen EVERYDAY! We can be a part of them if we simply follow the Spirit :) I know we can be guided in our lives, not only for ourselves, but more importantly to help and bless the lives of others :)

I know these things to be true. :) I love this gospel and I know that our Savior lives and loves us :) The Spirit is real and we can have Him with us when we are doing what is right! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful week :) Try to follow the Spirit more throughout your week and I can promise you that you can be the Lord's hands in helping Him to bring others to His glorious light.

Love you all!

love, Hermana Derges :)

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