Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Be the Fourth Missionary!

Post from November 25, 2013

:) So this week has been fun, I have been learning a lot and we are working hard in our area!

Can you all believe that Thanksgiving is this week???? Oh my goodness, wasn't it Halloween, like yesterday and 4th of the July last week??? Time flies on the mish, but that is why I need to soak every moment in!

Here are the highlights

>So earlier this week Sister Echols, a really sweet member who we love, had a TON of cookies left over from a party and so we wrapped them up and we got to give them away to our investigators and less active! It was so fun :)


>It really snowed for the first time this past week. Thank goodness it is gone by now...I am so happy I am only here for one winter hehe :) But it was a blast!!! :) We had a lot of fun and took some pics :)

Snow.... :( haha 

>We got to go to the temple this past week :) It was the last time for the year because the Provo temple is closing for the rest of the year for cleaning....sad...but it was, like always, such a lovely experience, it was funny because a TON of Provo Utah missionaries went there at the same time :) So it was cool to see a lot of people I knew :) Also, we make it a game to see how many people ask us where we are going on our mission. It is really fun to say, Here!! And I have been out for 5 months lol. :)

 Hermana Lutz y Yo at the Temple :)

>So yesterday, we had the primary program for our Spanish ward and it was so cute and hilarious!! :) One of my favorite parts was when they sang "Follow the Prophet" --"Sigue al profeta"..and during the chorus there was this little sunbeam who when the sang the song. Right after they sing "sigue al profeta" this little boy would yell out "sigue al profeta" as loud as he could! haha :) everyone was dying laughing because he did it throughout the whole song :)

The Sistas in our District!

>Last thing! This past week I have been reading this talk entitled the Fourth missionary. I think it was given at the MTC and that is why I can't find it on LDS library and it is amazing!! It talks about how we need to be the 4th missionary. Meaning we are being obedient, following the Spirit and doing what is right and most importantly: WANTING to do what is right. If we are simply following the commandments and following the spirit without submitting our will and desires. we are not getting anything out of doing so. We may do some good for others because we are serving or we may do well in a calling by doing what the Lords wants us to do. BUT if we are not submitting our will to the Lord with a willing mind and heart, we cannot be benefited or changed by our experiences. BUT if we desire to do what is right, if we desire fully to follow the Spirit and the Lord. We are putting ourselves into His hands and letting Him shape us into who we are supposed to be :) There are so many more things from this talk that I could share but not enough time :) If we do not have the desire and we are simply going through the motions, try to start with your mind to change your attitude and your heart will follow :)


Anywhoo :) I hope you all have a grand week :) Rely on the Lord and submit your whole heart, might, mind and strength to Him and that is when the real miracles start to appear in your life!

Love you all!

Love, Hermana Derges :)

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