Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Are You Jesus Christ?

:) Merry Christmas Eve everyone!!! :)

I am so excited for tomorrow!!! :) I get to talk to you all! :) I am super pumped!!

I really hope you all are doing well...because it is CHRISTMAS TOMORROW!!! YAY!!

This week has been amazing thus far and it just keeps getting better!!! :)


Hermanita Lutz y Yo :)

TWO TRAINS were on the track the other night...we couldn't get out to our Christmas Party...We were stuck their for foreveeeeeer! haha So we found a way around :)

Two of the CUTEST kids that I met at the Christmas party! :)

-I honestly think my Spanish is improving a lot, it is hard sometimes to believe that especially here when we speak and see English everyday, BUT I am receiving so much help from the Spirit :) Hopefully when Justin or Chris whip out Spanish tomorrow I will be able to understand them! Especially because it is Castellano Spanish :) haha This will be interesting! I am learning all kinds of accents here :) Argentine, Peruvian, Mexican, Dominican Republican, Venezuelan, and so much more! You would never guess that here in Payson, Utah!! :) funny story. At a English ward Christmas party, there was an Hispanic family. One of the teenagers didn't have a fork and so he said "Donde estan los tenedores?" Haha :) And because I was sitting right by him and could understand him, I said "Necesita una tenedor?" and got up and got them some :) He was taken back that I could speak Spanish! Haha :) I love it!

Getting our hair and nails done by the lovely Sister Proctor and Charlee :)

-This past week we started teaching our new investigator, Miguel!! :) He lives in the basement of a member and so we have lessons in their house :) Miguel is so so sweet! And he wants to learn! :) We taught him the Restoration and and he needed to learn about the Atonement and by the Spirit we were able to teach exactly what he needed!! :) He is progressing too because we had another lesson with him and he kept his commitment! :)

-Yesterday was the best!!! :) We had our Christmas conference! :) We got to perform in the talent show :) I sang with my comp and the two other sisters in our district. We sang "Mary Did You Know?" :) And we sang with our zone :) The talents were the best! People are so so creative and talented!!! :) Afterward we got to watch the movie "Up!" :) I loved it! :) So so much fun :) Then we got all our amazing presents from our families and from friends :)

 Secret Combinations? Haha :)

My favorite part was that we had a special guest, David Hatch. He is a famous piano player and he has played all over the world!!! :) He played a Christmas special for us :) He just plays by ear and comes up with songs on the spot! He spoke in between his songs.

One of the stories he told that I really like was about a true story of two men commuting on their way to work in NYC. The first man was running on the way to catch a train and he full out ran into this little boy who was handicap at his little newspaper stand. And the boy fell and newpapers and candy went flying. Because the man was so much in a hurry, he cursed the little boy for being in his way and ran on his way. The second man who wasn't too far behind him stopped and helped the little boy up and gave him a five dollar bill to pay for any newspapers that got soiled. When the man was about to walk away the little boy asked him "Are you Jesus Christ?" The man kind of chuckled at the question but he kindly said, "No, I am not Him, but I am trying to do as He would do if he was here" :) I love love love this story! :) We all have the choice to be the first man or the second. We have the opportunity everyday to do as Christ would do if He was in your place. If we do, we will see His hand in our life, because just as President Utchdorf taught, we are His hands :) I hope that you can be His hands during this holiday season :) I know you will feel the Spirit more if you do :)


I love you all!!! 
and Merry merry Christmas!!! :)

Love, Hermana Derges :)

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