Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Know Who You Are!

Hey everyone :)  I hope you all are doing splendidly :)
I'm having a blast on the mission! :) Provo is AWESOME!

Here are some of my highlights/funny moments from the past week:

>BLESSINGS: A wonderful, sweet, caring fellow citizen of Provo, came out of his way on a hot summer day (rhyming it up!) to bring my companion and I.........drum roll please.........FROSTY's! :) HAPPY DAY! :D

>SEAFOOD:  Ok ok ok...So just a tip for all of you!  I told a lovely, sweet sister in our ward who was making us dinner in a few days that I love love love seafood!!! Which I really really do.  I mean, I love scrimp and crab and fish, ya know all the seafood you could get at Red her this actually means that I LOVE LOVE LOVE....octopus and squid and muscles and clams and name it! Hahaha. So can guess what I had a HUGE plateful for dinner... :) I had a fun time lol.  So take this from me...DO NOT tell a Hispanic that you love seafood.. it turns out a little fishy! Haha :)

>THE STRENGTH OF THE SPIRIT: We had a wonderful lesson with one of our investigators about the first part of the Restoration lesson.  My companion and I were able to testify about the power of the Atonement.  It was so perfect! Exactly what she needed that night.  She has been going through so many things in her life and the Spirit touched her heart SO MUCH when she learned that she can let go of ALL of her guilt and sins because Christ atoned for all of us.  She felt Heavenly Father's love and she felt how special she was to Him.  :) LOVED THIS! Then at our next lesson, she said that she had received a priesthood blessing from the bishop.  We were able to testify to her that the priesthood is restored on the earth again and that God knows her personally as His daughter :) She said that she feels and knows that this is true! :) Yay!
 >I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE: I had the amazing opportunity of going to the Provo temple with President and Sister McCune :)  It was such a wonderful experience to go to the temple -like always :) I felt the Spirit and I know with all my being that the temple is a house of the Lord.  I am so grateful for the knowledge that I will be with my family forever! :)

>KNOW WHO YOU ARE: This past Tuesday we had Zone conference (A meeting/training for all the missionaries in an area, with our wonderful mission president) and it was pretty much amazing!  We had a scripture study in the morning.  And I want to share something that I learned from it... :)
Our call as missionaries is to say nothing but repentance to the people.  And this really means: it's our call to say nothing but CHANGE to the people.  Change for the better, change to increase faith in Jesus Christ, change to become closer to our Heavenly Father.
Now, in order to change oneself, one must KNOW ONESELF.  We have to know who we are in order to know how to change ourselves in a positive direction. We all are children of our Heavenly Father.  We are all special and unique in His eyes.  We know are not perfect; we all make mistakes, BUT our mistakes do not define us. They should not change our identity.  Our actions are simply the things we do, NOT the makeup of who we are.  With this knowledge of who we are to our Heavenly Father, we now can know how we can change our lives to be better aligned with His will.  We are now able to see and recognize what things in our lives are not in accordance or agreement with our divine nature.  This acknowledgement of our divine nature opens the way for us to utilize the Savior's Atonement in our lives and allow Him to change our hearts and our souls.  Through using the Atonement every single day, we are changing, we are repenting, and we are progressing closer and closer to our Heavenly Father :)
Through Christ ALL things are possible, including us becoming clean and pure, despite the mistakes we have made and the ones we make everyday.  He knows we aren't perfect, He knows our thoughts, desires, EVERYTHING...and still, He never stops reaching out to us and inviting us to feel of His love.  He does all of this because He loves us, He knows who we are, what our divine nature is and who we can become.  He will never ever give up on us.  We now have to do our part and REACH out to Him.  We must TRUST IN HIM and RELY ON HIM because He is the one who will stick with us through it ALL and GUIDE us through anything that comes in our path.  Jesus Christ is the one who can truly CHANGE us and turn us into the person our Heavenly Father wants us to be :) 
>Isn't this so great? I love this! :)

Anywhoo... :) This was an AMAZING week! And because I am a VERY slow writer lol This "week" was actually last week...BUT the miracles are just piling on top on one another! And it is so hard to get all of them into writing! hehe :) I love it!

I know you all can find amazing experiences and blessings and miracles in your life EVERYDAY, if you simply look for them :) So start TODAY and look for blessings and miracles in your life and I can promise you, you will find so so so many!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is so so so true! It has blessed my life many many times over and over again.  I am so grateful to my Savior and I know that He lives and that He loves me.  I know that if we rely on Him, He will never ever lead us astray, but lead us to everlasting happiness.
And I say all of this in the name of Jesus Christ, amen :)

Have a blessed week everyone! :)

Love, Hermana Derges

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