Monday, December 15, 2014

How Do You Feel About the Savior?

Hi everyone!

I really don't have any time today and I apologize for that! Today we
had a mission leadership training with a elder Clark of the 70 :) and
we have zone conference this week! :) I am pumped!

This past week we had MLC on Tuesday and then our zone training
meeting with the Utah Lake zone and then Hobble Creek on Thursday and
Friday. They went very well! I love our zones :)

We also went on exchanges with the Spanish Fork Sisters and then we
went on emergency exchanges to help a companionship and it went really
well! I love being in a position to serve in a new way. They are doing
super well now! I am so happy for them! :) :) happy day!

I just love our mission president and his wife! Their son was able to
final,y come home from the hospital after having severe brain surgery
over the past month. I am so happy for them! :)

But that is basically it lol. Things are going amazingly! :) I love my
mission and this area! :)

To close I want to share something from MLC on how do we feel about
our Savior. I love this! This month our focus is on the Savior and
becoming more like Him as we study the Christlike attributes :) I know
my Savior lives and loves me and I know He is patient with me and
wants me to succeed. I know as we become more like Him, He will shine
in our countenance and we will be like He is :)

I love you all! Have a great great week! :)

Hermana Derges

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