Monday, January 6, 2014


IT'S 2014!!! 
Oh my goodness how time flies!!! :)

I hope you all started off the new year well with some handy dandy new years resolutions! Haha :) I have! And hopefully I can make it past a couple of weeks this year :) haha

Wellll... As you could probably guess, one of the big highlights this week was NEW YEARS EVE! :)

>That night, our district went out in front of Smith's Grocery and passed out free hot chocolate! :) It was so fun! We had HUGE "free hot chocolate" and "did you think to pray?" signs lol We all got to go out to the street with our comps and wave those around lol :) It was so fun! We also sang to the ukelele! :)

My Awesome District! :)

>Then that night, Hna Lutz and I set an alarm for us to wake up at 11:55 :) So that we could celebrate for the new year for 5 minutes! :) We even got some sparkling grape juice to celebrate!! :) And people who live in West Mountain were celebrating with fireworks!! :) It was so fun! IT'S 2014!!! YAY!!

>On New Years Day, we got to sleep in til 7:30! :) Then we made breakfast with our district and play games :) It was so fun to start out the year like that :)

>Hermana Lutz and I were asked to sing at two nursing homes yesterday. We sang "Be Still, My Soul" :) at the first nursing home and because we HAVE to be at our Spanish Ward sacrament meeting, we went on splits and I sang it again by myself! :) I sang it acappella :) It was so fun!! Afterwards, an older man got up to bear his testimony and he said, concerning me, "She has such a sweet voice, I could see her with a guitar in her hands and singing some folk music" :) FOLK MUSIC?? haha alright! So, one. I need a guitar and learn how to play lol and two. I need to start learning some some folk music. and I would be famous!! haha :)

>Last night we had an AMAZING lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a less active family we are working with! :) It was just amazing because the Spirit was so strong! We loved it! We felt like they could really feel Christ's love and what they need to do to start feeling it more and more everyday!! :)

>Last thing! :) Yesterday at church at the nursing home, I learned that we can become EXACTLY who Jesus Christ is. We are not learning to become sorta like Him or to be a fraction of who He is. We can become who He and Heavenly Father wants us to be :) We can say what He would say, we can do as He does, we can serve like serves, and to love as He loves :) I love this because it is so true! I love how we have that potential! We can develop His characteristics everyday! :) If we have the desire to become like Him and work towards it, we will start seeing our character transform to be more like Him, we and others will be able to see His countenance reflected in our own :) Then we can help others more and help them feel more of His and Heavenly Father's love :)

I love you all! :) And I hope you all have a wonderful start to this new year!! :)

Love, Hermana Derges :)

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