Monday, February 17, 2014

Improving the Little Things :)

I hope you all had a fun week and a fun Valentine's day! :) I had a nice "missionary awareness" day! haha :D

So this week was super fun :) I was laughing so much everyday! (not like that is too out of the ordinary :) lol)
>This past week I got to go on an exchanges with Hermana Cordova! My trainer! It was so fun! :) We were reminiscing about our fun time in Provo :) I love her! :)
>On Valentine's day Hermana Despain, Cordova, Quintana and I went to eat at taco bell and a lovely lady paid for us! :) So sweet! :) We also took some funny pictures to show our "love" for this lovely day :) haha Happy "Missionary Awareness" Day! :) (aka Valentine's Day)


>So we went to see Sister Bell :) She ALWAYS has us do service for her! :) Which WE LOVE her for that :) Last week she had us go get a fish sandwich from McD's and this week she had us go to Wally world to get some bread and snacks for her because she was feeling a little under the weather. When we went to Wally world, we saw someone that Hermana Cordova knows. He was SO FUNNY! He was with his 4 daughters and He was asking how he could help us, because he wants to help the missionaries. We said that we don't need any help and he was like "I need you to tell me how to help the missionaries lol"...he cracked me up! Then he saw our stuff and said "put your things in my cart!" We said that we already have money to pay for our things and he said "put your things in my cart!" Then he paid for us lol It was so great :) Then we told Sister Bell and it made her so happy that someone would do that! :) Fun night!

Utah Valley

>Fun FHE with the Retamales :) We played this categories game where one person with a cap full of water goes around and everyone must say something from that category and if you say the same one as the person with the water then you get water splashed in your face! lol :) so fun!
>So yesterday at church...the WHOLE Gutierrez family came :) and Eva came as well!!! So amazing!! :) I just made my day! :) This week we already have our nights booked with appointments :) It is so amazing! :)

>Last thing! This past week we had zone conference and my mission president was teaching that if we improve the small things in our life by just 1% everyday we can improve so much! The little things add up :) The little things such as scripture study, prayer, being exactly obedient. I am striving to improve these little things in the daily work I do and I am already seeing a difference. That's the magic of it :) And Heavenly Father will help us if we want to make improvements. We don't have to make leaps and bounds in a day, but over time we can make it to where we want to be and more importantly to where our Heavenly Father wants us to be :)

>Anywhoo! I hope you all have a great week!

Thank you for all of your love! :)

Love, Hermana Derges :)

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