Monday, February 24, 2014

Share the Light!

Buenas dias!!! :)
Como estan? Estoy muy bien y mi semana fue muy buena y divertida tambien! :)
Haha.. Hi everyone! :) I hope you all are having a lovely Monday :)

This week really was a blast!
Mia, Maye, and Me :)


>So you will see this in my pictures, but I colored my companions hair last week! It was really fun :)

>Big thing. My companion and I moved this past week to Lehi! :) But sadly the first experience of moving in was smelling a big wiff of the minkies!!! We have two mink farms here in Lehi.. lol and it stinks! haha Luckily the smell comes and goes. lol Our landlords are awesome though! :) We are living with the Coughran's :) They are really nice and sweet! They both do crafts and he does pottery! He has a pottery wheel in his house! So awesome! :) Our last landlord, Brother Rades..was really sad to see us go. We were really sad as well! His family was going to be moving back in their home so they needed the space. He said for us to come back AT LEAST 1 time a week for a meal with him and his wife. He is so sweet! :) We are going to miss him!
>Hermana Despain, Amber, and I at the temple :)

>On Tuesday we got to the temple with our district :) and we all ate at Paradise Cafe, which is where Amy and Rachel took me right before going into the MTC last June! So crazy right!? Then on Saturday my companion and I got to go the temple with Amber, a recent convert who got baptized last October :) It was SO FUN! :) We unfortunately had to wait for 3 hours though....that is a long long long time lol It is so funny to me because that is really unheard of outside of Utah! lol Then after the temple, with her and her in-laws, we all went to Cosco on the way back and we hit ALL of the samples :) hehe it was really fun :)
>Little girl Lilani, who was sitting next to me on the chair, fell asleep in my arms! I love and miss working so much with little kids :)

>Yesterday, my comp and I gave talks in the English ward. This is only my 2nd talk on my mission and one is in Spanish and the other, English. And it is about the same amount for my comp who has been out 15 months now. So we were talking with the English elders and they said that they have been out 20 months and they have given AT LEAST 70 talks!! o mi That is a lot! But I might have opened a big can of worms at our stake coordination meetings yesterday where I said that we want to speak more in their wards. haha....bad idea! haha :) jk
>Mia and Maye!!! :) I LOVE THEM!!! With the cute little Spanish bookmarks my lovely sister Jaime gave me to handout :) Thanks jaim :)

>Yesterday, Eva AND her husband Juan came to church!!! :) YAY! He is really stubborn so he says he doesn't feel anything, but I think he does a little bit. We also had a lesson on the plan of salvation last night with them and after some persistance on my part lol he said the closing prayer! :) It was so great!

>Everyone, just know that I am having a BLAST here :) I love my companion!! We have transfer calls next monday and I don't want to leave and I don't want my comp to leave either! Saratoga Springs is AMAZING! Our spanish ward, seriously is the best :) Yesterday we just asked people, who usually always go to gospel doctrine, to join our investigators and recent converts in our gospel principles class, and they just picked up their things and headed on in there. :) Our bishop is so on board with everything. He has even asked us to pick three names that we have prayed about for him to go visit during the week. He is awesome! :)
This ITSY BITTY TINY WEENY Chihuahua! :)

>I know that this wonderful gospel is true! As I was giving my talk yesterday, it just hit me even more that we have this amazing truth and others are lost and don't know where to find it. We are the key to helping them learn the truth and not be lost anymore. We have the everlasting light, we know our Savior Jesus Christ died for us and through Him we can be saved and be happy for forever and ever. We need to share this with everyone. It is really simple :) Just share your testimony, live the gospel and show forth your mighty example :) I promise, as it says in the scriptures, that Jesus Christ will be with us. It just doesn't make sense for Him to leave us alone if we talk to our family or friends about the Gospel. We will know what to say because the spirit will put the words in our mouth :) I testify of this and I know that by sharing the gospel, our light will truly shine and we will be strong and wonderful instruments in the hands of the Lord. :)

I hope you all have a lovely week and will take the time to share your testimony with just one person this week!! :)

Love you!!
Love, Hermana Derges :)

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