Monday, February 10, 2014

It is Worth More Than a Million Dollars!

 >So item number 1...I CAN FINALLY ROLL MY R's!!!!!!! Oh my goodness, this is seriously a miracle lol and it is SO FUN! :) haha :D I have been trying to do this basically for forever and now I can do it :) YAY!!! 

>I had exchanges this past week and I headed over to Eagle Mountain...which is a suburb in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! lol Over in City Central they don't even have a grocery Just gas stations and schools lol Hopefully they never get a blizzard! The exchange was really fun though :) Hermana Quintana served in Payson! So it was fun talking about the people and our experiences there! :)

>On Tuesday we got to go to the gorgeous Mount Timpanogos Temple!!! It is seriously so pretty. The stain glass is spectacular! I am so excited that we get to go so often here :) I love it! I love feeling the Spirit there!! It is so strong and you can just feel Heavenly Father's love so deeply!!! :) 

>We had really great lessons this past week :) We had a lesson with Hermano Gutierrez and he is SO READY for baptism. He was a little taken back by not being able to drink coffee a little while back. But at our lesson this past Saturday , he just said that he will just follow it and he won't question a commandment from God. SO COOL! :) We did have to move back his date a little to March 15, but he felt really good about that. So YAY!!! :) 

>We had our Spanish ward's valentines party on Friday night :) We went to help and to get to know more of the ward. It was so so fun! :) We got to spend time with a little girl, Maye, that we teach. Her grandma is a recent convert and she was helping at the party as well. It was really fun :) We left to get home on time and we heard that everyone stayed til around 12 singing and dancing! haha :)

Maye y Yo :)

>Then the grand finale of the week :) Eva, our amazing investigator who when I was on exchanges, she told my comp that she wants to be BAPTIZED!!! :) And then she came to church yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!! When she came in to sacrament meeting, I was SO EXCITED!!!! SO AMAZING!! She said she loved it and that she felt really good and happy!!! Last night, we had a lesson with her and Juan about the Plan of Salvation and it was so amazing :) Seriously I love this family!! :) We are so lucky to be teaching them!!! :) 

>I love this work, I love the feeling I get when someone keeps their commitments or wants to be baptized. I feel like I am on top of the world!!!! I LOVE IT!! :) This feeling is amazing because we are sharing something so spectacular with those we love :) Missionary work is seriously so cool! We are giving something to people that is worth more than a million dollars. We have it, we have this amazing Gospel and I feel so lucky to have my badge that has Jesus Christ's name on it :) to be a representative of Him :) I know this work is true and I can feel the Spirit everyday because I am sharing the Gospel. You all can feel this way as well :) Just go out and talk about the Gospel with your friends, coworkers, family members, ANYONE! Share your testimony, and this doesn't have to mean like the ones we give in Sacrament meeting but just simply testifying that you know that Heavenly Father loves you, that you know that your family can be together forever, serving someone, smiling :) Really anything that helps people feel your love and feel Heavenly Father's love. That is missionary work. Looking out for your neighbor and caring and loving them :) I know that this is so true :) Just try it and I know you will feel the Spirit or if anything else, just simply happier :)

I love you all!! Have a wonderful week and a fun valentines day!!! :)

Love, Hermana Derges :)

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