Monday, March 3, 2014

Staying in Saratoga Springs!

As you can see from my subject line, we found out about transfers and we are both staying!!!! Oh my goodness I am so happy about this!!!! YAY! 

>But something EVEN BETTER that happened this week that I can't even portray to you in an email was how excited I was last night!!! So we had a couple amazing things happen. The first was that we had dinner at a home where they had family visiting from Ecuador and from Lindon and we got to teach the whole family the Restoration! :) It was so amazing!! But something that was EVEN GREATER than this was that we taught Eva last night and she accepted a baptism date for April 12 :) (we can only see her once a week because of her job) and she says that she has been seeing all these amazing blessings in her life. She said that she feels good when she goes to church, when she prays (which she said that she is not very accustomed to praying, but she says she knows it is a good thing, so she keeps praying! several times a day!!) when she meets with us :) and she knows that she received this new job of hers because she is learning about the Gospel. We testified that Heavenly Father loves her and that she is on the right path :) We all started crying!! The Spirit was so strong and I was bouncing off the walls when we got outside :) It was SO AWESOME!!! :) Eva is so so so amazing and so ready to take this step in her life. I feel so blessed to be working with her!! :) 

Jazmine, Hermana Despain, Laloni, y yo :)

 >Nothing really can trump this, but we did have a pretty fun week :) and an interesting one lol Last pday we had a really fun zone activity (jeopardy/minute to win it!) it was a blast. This after my comp and I went to this climbing structure and we took fun pics :)

 Look who's on top!

>So this week my district got pick, like what happened in Payson, to be a part of a new ipad feature test for the Mission department :) It was really cool! We were testing out a new ipad interactive pamplets app. It was pretty neat :) 

 >At the CLIMAX of our amazing lesson with Mia (an 8 year old) on the ordinance of baptism....we hear a knock on the door and a lady was asking who drives a silver Toyota corolla....and it was our of course lol and she said she hit it!! Oh no lol It was a hard hit too lol we were on a neighborhood street! haha Sadly though, we got a quote on the damage and it is going to be a $3500 fix lol oh my goodness. Sadly her car was so so so much worse :P But todo esta bien!! :) 

Our sad little car!

>Anywhoo that is what happened this week!! :) It was a really fun week :) I love you all! 

Love, Hermana Derges :)

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