Monday, March 31, 2014

All is Well, All is Well!

This week was awesome! :)
I mustache you a question! :)

So last Monday, I got to throw pottery as well! :) Our landlord does pottery and sells it at craft shows! He has a wheel and kiln at the house! :) It was super fun! But I am soooooooo out of practice lol My little pot was barely three inches high lol

This past week we got to go to the lovely temple :) It is the BEST place on earth! Go as often as you can! It is so worth it! :) I felt the Spirit so so strongly :)

9 Months! :)

So.....this past Wednesday was my 9 month month! WOOT! I took some fun pics :) I also, because of tradition?? I had to burn something lol so I burned a sock! haha :) It was quite fun despite it sounding absolutely crazy hehe :D But anywhoo it is SO CRAZY that I am halfway through my mission! wow! :) I gotta make the best of it! :)

Haha! :D

We got to teach two 3rd hour lessons yesterday at church! One to the youth in an English ward and it went super well! We taught about how important it is to invite their friends! During a role play we had them do, a couple deacons instead of waiting for a different time, decided RIGHT THEN to text their friend and invite them to come to church! How awesome is that! :) We also taught in third hour in our Spanish ward and it was of course all in Spanish and I was super nervous! lol You would have thought I would have gotten over being nervous speaking spanish or teaching but nope! lol that is just me :D

The Women's meeting was AWESOME on Saturday :) the best part was that our Investigator Eva was able to go! It was a MIRACLE that we found a sister that could go with her! We only had 2 tickets and we didn't want Eva to go alone! So after calling almost EVERYONE in the directory, a lovely sister was able to go with her! And they both loved it!! :) It was amazing! ;)


Seriously Eva is so so golden! I LOVE her!!! I know that she is one of the reasons why I had to come on a mission :) I am just beaming every time I leave one of her lessons! She has invited others to her baptism and she is making so many friends at church!! YAY :) It is the BEST!!!

Making a Clay Pot! :)

I love being on a mission everyone! :) I am happy that I have the opportunity to serve as a representative of Jesus Christ everyday! I feel the Spirit and I love being able think less about myself and more about others. I feel peace when I stop thinking about myself and start thinking about the people in our area. and also when I think about my Savior. When I relax and reflect on what He did for me, I feel that everything is going to be ok, even when I might be having a stressful day. I know He loves me and that He cares about my worries. And I learning more and more that I need to trust in Him and let go of my worries. I found so much happiness in doing this. Sometimes it is a daily thing that I need to recheck myself and trust more in Him, and sometimes it is a hourly or every minute kind of thing, But as I strive to trust more and doubt and worry less, peace and happiness come :)

Anywhoo I hope you all have a lovely day and that you are happy!!! :)

Love, Hermana Derges :)

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