Monday, March 17, 2014


GREAT WEEK yet again here in Saratoga Springs! :D

First of all, Hermano Gutierrez got baptized on Saturday!!! It was the best! :) You could feel the Spirit so strongly! :) I got to play the piano! The whole ward was there it seemed like! My old compy Hermana Sablan came because she taught him too! :) It was so great to see his face light up when he came out of the water! :) Happiness all around! :) Now all his girls are baptized and he is now! Hermana Gutierrez is taking some time, but she is seeing the wonderful example set forth by her husband and it is wonderful! :) YAY! :)
Hermana Sablan y Yo :)

So you will see this is the pictures haha... but we have the Jordan River behind our house and it is SUPER low to where you can walk on it. So.. I did! :D It was super fun lol My sweet companion was watching from above as I went on this mini adventure haha I first had my boots on and I got STUCK! haha so off went the boots and it was a blast lol By the end, it is obvious to say I had mud caked on my feet. haha Then the water hose water was turned off! AH! lol luckily a spiket was turned on. But it was SO MUCH FUN! :)

We had two great lessons with Eva this week. Her husband sat in on one and he is a funny character lol...sadly right now he is not interested. but she is!! :) We taught the word of wisdom and she was totally on board! :) She said she would give up decaf coffee just like that! :) yay! miracles happening everyday!
Having fun in the Mud!

This past week for my first time I made Platanos tentaciones! Which are YUMMY carmelized platanos. and I also made yummy platanos fritos! I think they are my favorite treat that I have had! SO GOOD!! I am going to be cooking some yummy things from now on. I love working with people all around the world :) I love it!

So there ya have it. Great great great and fun week! :)

I know that this Gospel is TRUE! :) The church is true, the book is blue and Moroni is always on the ball! haha :) I know that our Savior is always looking out for us and that He loves us!!! I know that He chose to be our Savior so that He would know how to help us get through ANYTHING! He really has been through everything for us and I know that if we rely on Him, He will NEVER fail us or let us down. :)
I love you all! Have a lovely week and St. Patrick's Day!!!

:) Love, Hermana Derges

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