Monday, March 10, 2014

The Beautiful Effects of Repentance :)

 Fun week!
Deanne, Dani, Hermana Despain y Yo :)
>So this morning I made a yummy smoothie and then I put water and soap in the Blendtec and I didn't put the lid on well enough and soapy water went EVERYWHERE! haha I was going crazy! lol Luckily our landlord has done that before so she was having a good laugh haha :)
I love this pic!

>Last Monday our district went bowling! I did SO much better than I did months ago haha :) I was proud of my score lol It was so fun!
101! Woot Woot! :)

>Sadly a lot of this past week I was sick! bleh..and I couldn't talk lol So that makes teaching lessons really fun... haha..So we didn't get to see a lot of people- which was sad..but I feel so much better now! :)

>Hermano Gutierrez had his baptismal interview on Saturday and he is all set to get baptized this next Saturday!!! We are super excited!! :)
Me shampooing Sister Bell's carpets :)

>Yesterday, Sister Bell came to church!! She hasn't gone in a long while, but we had a great lesson with her on setting goals and she said she wants to go to church just one time this month. And she came! She said that she is setting a new goal to go just one time this "month". It has been helping her to not feel overwhelmed with committing to going every week. So it was a huge step that she came yesterday and she came for all 3 hours :) it was awesome!

>On Saturday, Carmen got baptized! She was living in Pleasant Grove until a week and a half ago and she was taught in her old area and we talk her up until her baptism. It was so neat to see!!! I love love love baptisms!! They are the best! :) The Spirit is just so strong and I loved how everyone came out to support her for her big day. 
Mount Timp! :)
>One thing I loved that Carmen said in our last lesson with her was that she is starting a brand new life with getting baptized. I love that she said this because it is so true. She was washed clean on Saturday and the things of the past do not matter. It is so amazing! I know that this is true. I am so grateful that every week by taking the sacrament that we have this same effect happen. If we truly repent and want to change our sins our gone. They are forgiven and forgotten. I know that this is true. We can change and have our past mistakes gone forever and ever. How amazing is this truth! :)

>I hope you all have a lovely week and look for someone to serve that comes into your path :)

I love you all!

love, Hermana Derges :)

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