Monday, March 24, 2014

Share the Light!


This morning, my comp and I were making necklaces!!! :) It was a blast! I love doing crafts. You will have to see the pics below! Mine is the one with the bird and key :)

This week was pretty fun :) It had a lot of fun surprises :)

So sadly though, last Monday, I lost my flashdrive :( I left it here at the library and I came back a little later and it was gone....nooooooo! 8 months of pics gone...but luckily I sent a ton of pics home, so I didn't lose everything.

then better news! I went on exchanges with Hna Camano in the other Lehi area :) I had a blast! She is so sweet! In the pics below there is a pic of two bunnies. We did a role play with them lol it was really funny. Then later in the day...I got to see Amy! :) haha it was so so fun! We needed directions and we were right by her house! So awesome!!! I love ya Amy :)

On exchanges, my comp had a lesson with Eva and she said that she wants to get baptized earlier and she said she was going to change jobs, so we changed her date up to April 12! Yay! :)

We also had president interviews this past week! I love our mission president! He said that I have changed so so much! That made me feel good. I strive to be better everyday, it is a challenge, but I am trusting in the Lord more and more everyday. :)

We got to go to the temple on Friday! Such a lovely experience everytime I go :) I felt the spirit so so strongly :)

So this week, my comp and I had fun looking at our family history. I found out that I have 4 cherokee chiefs in my ancestry lol. They are my 8th and 9th great grandpas lol I also found out that I have Irish and Scottish and so much more. The majority though is German and English lol so fun! :) Then my comp found a line that went ALL the way back to Adam and Eve lol we kept looking back and back and we say Abraham...Noah....then Adam and Eve! Crazy! :)

An AMAZING Frozen Party that we got to see :)

We had a stake conference yesterday and on Saturday! :) It was awesome! All of Saturday night was on hastening the work! Because they were splitting our stake, two members of the 70 were there. Elder Terry and Porter. Elder Porter was so funny. He had all the missionaries come up. The English Sisters and us and had us introduce ourselves. Because we met him before and I told him I was from Missouri. When he was having us come up, he said we have one sister from Zion! Lol Then when I introduced myself, because he was really talk, when I said I was from MO he put his hands up and smiled and pointed at me all excited lol Then he had me bear my testimony. It was really funny. :)

Stake conference really was spiritually amazing too. We had amazing talks. Some of my favorites were about the light that we as members have. We need to share that light with others. We can't judge who would be a good member of the church or who would except the message. Share the light with EVERYONE! :) They will see your light and they will want to get closer to the light. I know that this is so so true. I know that the Gospel brings happiness to our lives and it makes every aspect of our lives better. We have a brighter perspective on life. I know that because I know that the Gospel is centered on Jesus Christ. He needs to be our foundation, our rock. Like it says in the scriptures, if we build upon the foundation of Christ, we cannot fail when temptation or hard times come. I know that this is true with all of my heart. :)

I love you all! :) Look for ways to share that light this week! :)

love, Hermana Derges :)

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