Monday, August 18, 2014

Faith and Hope

My whole district is in the FHC right now and we are waiting for transfer is agony to wait..........just come already!!!!! It is really hard to concentrate when you are waiting on the most exciting moment in 6 weeks lol I will update you in a little bit on what is going to be happening!!!
 Platanos Intentaciones!
Flour Tortillas!

But this week has been pretty fun :) We cooked with our less active, Elvia, this past week :) My first shot at making flour tortillas turned out alright lol I have years to practice.. haha :) But I made platanos intentaciones :) If you don't know what those are, then i will make them for you when I get back! lol :) They are gooooooooooooood! :)


We marched in the Eureka Days parade. 3rd one this year! :) It was pretty fun! We actually remembered to bring candy this time! lol :) Eureka is a pretty fun town to visit. Lots of old historical sites. We saw Porter Rockwell's cabin, who, I learned, was Joseph Smith's bodyguard. lol Pretty neat. 
Russian Hat!!!

We are helping out every week on the Guerra farm :) This week we picked tomatoes, they were pretty yummy :) 

We taught Delia :) She is the sister of a recent convert and she wants to get baptized and possibly her husband is interested. We praying that he will want to listen to the lessons!!! :) She is so receptive. We taught her about how when we read the Book of Mormon, that we feel and receive more hope about what is going to happen. We don't need to be scared about anything. The Book of Mormon teaches us that we need to have faith! Faith is SO powerful!!! :) It helps us be happy in a time of turmoil or be strong when we feel we are about fall. Faith in Jesus Christ helps us with anything. :) I loved testifying about that to her :) It was so amazing!!!

Chocolate won yet again.....

But other than that, Life is good :) except that we have not received our email determining our fate I will update in a little bit!!! haha

Love you all! :)
Love, Hermana Derges :)
Transfer updates
I am STAYING!!! My sweet companion is leaving! Eek! I don't know how to feel lol I am excited and nervous to take over the area.... It will be an adventure!! :)
Haha I love you all! Have a great week! :)

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