Monday, August 4, 2014

Miracles Miracles Miracles :)

Hola todo! :)

This week was a lot of fun :) 
Service picking cucumbers! :)
So a lot of miracles happened this week! It was amazing :)

But the first thing isn't really a miracle at all, just something fun to share :) My zone and I were in the Santaquin parade on Saturday! We basically just high fived all the little kids throughout the ENTIRE thing lol It was a blast! 

So here is goes with the miracles :)

On Monday I get a call from my old comp Hna Abellan :) She had a HUGE list of things to tell me! 

First off, one of our less actives back in Saratoga, who had a lot of family problems and couldn't forgive her family. Hna Abellan told me that this past week, she called EVERYONE and just forgave them for everything! I am talking, this is the sweetest, funniest lady ever who needed to do something hard. And after months and months of working with her, she finally did it!!! Hna Abellan said she is like a new person!!!! :) I am SO happy! :)

Next :) Miguel, one of Librado's (recent convert) roommates, who we taught off and on has a baptism date for next next Saturday!!!! :) He stopped drinking cold turkey and he is progressing!!! WOW! :)

Then :) Hna Abellan and I had lunch with a family from an English ward a couple months ago and there are couple teens who said that they don't believe in God. We testified to the teenage girl that she IS a daughter of our Heavenly Father and that He loves her so much. The Spirit was SO strong and we knew she and her brother felt something. So a couple Sundays ago, Hna Abellan and her comp went back to her ward and the mom found them and told them this: Her daughter a couple weeks prior was talking to the bishop to get her records removed from the church. He asked her one simple question. Do you know you are a daughter of God? And she said that because we were inspired by the Spirit that day to testify to her of that truth that she didn't take her name off the records. That was the most amazing thing I have ever heard. The Spirit is real! It wasn't our words, we were just the instruments for the Spirit. What a miracle!!!!! :)

:) Then this past week, one of our less actives, who is going through a REALLY hard time family and financial wise and she INSISTED on taking us out to lunch. So we went and apparently (we heard after) that she was worried and thinking "how am I going to pay for this...?" And at the end of our meal, the waitress said that someone had paid for us. What an incredible blessing that is. 

Seriously I LOVE being a missionary. Never before have I seen so many blessings at once. Or blessings and miracles so big. I love this gospel. I KNOW that it brings blessing and miracles in our lives. I know that if we look around ourselves more, that we will see Heavenly Father manifest Himself in tiny and miraculous ways. Miracles are everywhere. I know that is true with my WHOLE heart!!!!
My Compy :)

I love you all!! I hope you enjoyed hearing about these experiences as much as I did when they happened right in front of me! :) 

I love you and you are all in my prayers!

Love, Hermana Derges :)

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