Monday, August 11, 2014

Love is the Key!

Hey everyone!
Thank you so much for the fun emails you have sent me this week! :) I love hearing from you! :) :) :)

So this past week was an adventure like always :) 

Last Monday we have fun exploring Eureka lol Then in the evening we made our investigator and his wife dinner and had a lesson with them :) It was really fun! 
Mini 'Pops'!

On Wednesday we got to go to Provo! :) So I found out that in my mission there are 4 missionaries (maybe more) serving from the Springfield South Stake! Crazy right?
Station 22!
In Provo, we got to go to this cool restaurant called Station 22. If any of you know Pops, in Oklahoma. This is a mini version of that, minus the gas station but plus a neat restaurant. I loved it!!! :) I love bottled soda! :) 
Update from a year ago on the Provo City Center Temple! :)

And plus right across the street is the Provo temple! It is a major update compared to when I was working at the temple booth last year! My trainer, Hna Cordova and my followup trainer are BOTH my sister training leaders now! I can't believe that this past week marks my one year in the mission field. CRAZY! lol 
We can not do weekly planning in a chapel without the priesthood there nor in our home. So guess where we went!! We went to Santaquin canyon to some picnic tables and we planned there! It was so much fun! And it ended with a bang when it started to rain on us lol :)
 Our District!

 Our poor

This past week was also full of SERVICE!!! I loved it so so much! We pulled weeds in the corn field :) and we also got to pick cucumbers and raspberries! :) I have to say that not a ton of raspberries made it into the box lol :D But sadly for the third time in my mission, our car got hit lol man I am not lucky with keeping the car undented..The guy backed up into our car...just a little dent! I felt so bad for him though! 
Hermana Huebsch!!! :)

Huebsch Fam minus Donavon :)

So the highlight of my week was going to Saratoga Springs on Saturday to see Damon, Hermana Huebsch's son, get baptized!!! I was SO happy to be there! When I came in and she saw me, she got so excited and hugged me and started to cry. I stinkin love her with my whole heart!!! :) :) I also got to see Eva!!! I was so happy to see her! I also got to see Hna Abellan :) She told me that they went to the temple with Librado to do baptisms! He said, I feel so good! Why haven't we done this before now?? lol so funny :) and one of my favorite people, Hna Pilar Wilson came ALL the way down to Santaquin to drive us there :) I love her!! I am so blessed to be here :) it was such a special day!!! 
Hermana Wilson!!! :) :) :) She was such a SWEETHEART! Quick shout out, but she drove an hour to come pick us up and went to the baptism with us :) I LOVE HER! :)

 "Owispo" y Hermana Vieira :)

Eva!!!!! :) :) :)

Everyone, I know this gospel is true!!! :) I know that following the commandments brings happiness into our lives. I was listening to Elder Scott's last gen conference talk this morning and he was talking about how we can positively influence those around us. He said that it is through our love and our conviction in our testimonies. Most importantly love. If others trust and know that we love them and then share our conviction. It will positively help them in the right direction :) I know that that is true. Love is powerful. God's love is eternal and everlasting :) Let us share and show that love to those around us and share our testimonies with them. It will not be pushy nor forceful. It will come out naturally when we show our love for them. When we do this, the gospel becomes a part of us and we grow to show God's love and care to all those around us. People will see and feel the difference when we reach out to them with love. They will feel the influence of the Spirit and want to change for the better :) I know that to be so so true!! :) 
Well everyone, I love you and I hope you have a great week! I am praying for you and I hope you will find success in finding and preparing those around you to hear of the amazing gospel that will bring so much light and happiness into their lives :) 
The Eagle!!! -now after so long I found out is actually a pelican lol...

Drive out to Saratoga :)

Love, Hermana Derges :)

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