Monday, August 25, 2014

The Strength of Your Testimony

Hola todo :)
How was everyone's week? I hope it was fantastic :)

So as you all knew from last week, Hna Bumstead left Santaquin and she went to Eagle Mountain! Crazy crazy far lol and my new companion is Hna Santos! :) She is from Peru! She moved to New York when she was 11 and she has been out 14 months, the same as me! So I don't know what is going to happen in a transfer because we both can't end our mission here. So it's a mystery yet again if I might have one more area left :) 
But this week has been crazy fun :) We have been working hard in our little area and we are going to be picking the speed and I am totally pumped for it! :)
This past monday, as a district we drove up Mtn Nebo-it was a crazy adventure :) The view was gorgeous!! :) 
Also Leslie dyed my hair on Monday :) I am officially a brunette :) But I know the joke that a blonde is always a blonde lol But I guess I am ok with that :) Blondes have more fun right? haha
 Sister Reynolds went home on Wednesday!
Hermana Smith went home to OK on Wednesday!

I forgot to mention some very exciting news lol 
My investigator, Miguel, back in Saratoga Springs got baptized on Saturday!! I am SO SO SO excited for him!! :) And Javier, who I taught, is on date in September!! :) So exciting! 
I am back in the Midwest!!!! This past week I am sure it has been the highest record for thunderstorms in Utah in forever. There have been SO many. It is kinda weird lol It is normal back home but here it is kinda scary-like something is wrong with all the storms lol SECOND COMING! jk jk :) But in any case the rain has been really nice- I have been missing it here! :)
To close, last night we had an interesting "lesson" with a Jehova witness. Which is started out ok, but sadly all they wanted to do was bible bash and tell us that every we believe in is wrong..which is kinda of sad. But there was something I really learned in that lesson. I knew that if I brought out the bible and started preaching from it and trying to prove them wrong, that the Spirit would be gone and the bashing would continue. So instead, I simply testified to them of what I knew to be true. I testified to them that I know that Christ is our Savior and that the bible and the book of Mormon are true and that families can be together forever. When I testified to them, there was nothing I could say to contradict or tear down my testimony, because it was mine. The Spirit filled the room and I knew they could feel it. I learned that a testimony is something that we need to hold dear to us and that it is something that no one can take away. No matter how many accusations we made, I knew that it was true. We need to be constantly building our testimony so that we can be strong in tough times when the world just wants to tear you down. Hold true to what you know and don't let others diminish the light that you have. Hold it high for all to see and they will feel of its warmth and light. I know that this is true and even though we didn't have per say "success" with this family. I felt I came off stronger from before I went in there. I hope and pray that they listened to the Spirit and will find out more. That they will one day come into the light and hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ-the only one and true gospel that will lead them to exaltation :)

That's the whole bit of my awesome week in the mission field! :) 

I love you all and you are all in my prayers! :) 
Love, Hermana Derges :)

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