Monday, October 20, 2014

The Little Things Really Make a Difference!

This week was crazy fun and full of awesome amazing things that have happened! 
This past week was the Dia de Hispanidad, aka a HUGE party for 3 stakes celebrating all the Latino countries of the world :) It was awesome! There were so many amazing dances from each country and then delicious food from all of them as well :) YUMMY! 
GUESS who I saw there! :) The REYES FAMILY from Payson! One of my most favorite families ever! :) It was so amazing!
We got to help with the decorations! I made the "Questions of the Soul" hanging thing with cute fiesta triangles.. i don't know what it is called or else I would tell you! lol but it is in the picture!
I have been feeling so much love these past couple weeks from my amazing sisters, Jaime and Brandi! :) They both sent me Halloween packages :) I loved it! I love you two!!
So on Saturday I saw the best thing in the world!!! See picture below... :D It is a stinkin mermaid! You can wear it and become a mermaid. My childhood dreams have come true lol 
ALSO on saturday, we went to the temple with Rosario from Santaquin!! :) I love her! It was so neat because she was able to go and do the work for her mom!! :) It was so amazing :)
NO name tag!!! What??

Davis Family :)

I also saw so many amazing people that I love with all my heart :) I saw Hermana Despain, the Rades, the Davis'. They all came for an elder and sister that served here in the UPM! Haha :) It was so cool to see so many people! :)
Hna Johansen! :)


There are so many blessing happening all of the time here in the UPM. I had a miracle happen just this morning. I found an old note from a Spanish speaking sister who served in Stillwater and who I went out with once before the mission. She told me that she was impressed to give me the info for her mom who is not a member who lived in Utah. I haven't have the chance to see her mom yet because I haven't been in her area. Until now. So randomly this morning I wanted to clean out my suitcase this morning and found my wallet that I am not using right now and found the note from the sister. I looked and the address said 'Spanish Fork'. There are a lot of Spanish missionaries here so I needed to check where she lived. I looked and she lives in. our. area. 4 blocks from our house. My jaw just dropped and I am so very excited! I felt the Spirit and knew that I was called here to see her mom. I don't know what is in store for her mom, but I am very excited to find out :) I know that everything happens for a reason and that more importantly Heavenly Father is in control :) I love that and I know that it is so true. Always follow the simple small promptings that you get from the Spirit, even it is to look through an old wallet, because it could lead you to a miracle. I know that this is true :) because this is not the first time something like this has happened. Keep looking for those miracles :)
I love you all!
Love, Hermana Derges :)

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