Monday, October 6, 2014

Spanish Fork East!!!

Hey everyone!

So guess what! False alarm from last week! I am NOT in a biking area. Wahooooo! :) Haha. Apparently everyone gets a call about a bike! What a scare! I have been transferred to Spanish Fork!!! :) It is so fun here because I have an awesome comp Hermana Gonzalez!!! She is from Veracruz, Mexico but she grew up in San Antonio! She is so so sweet and chill and funny! :) Sadly she has been sick these past several days. The same thing I had back in we will take pictures soon because every time we remember she hasn't been feeling too good. But! With my tender care she will be back to normal in a jiffy! :) 

:) But it was a sad moment leaving Santaquin! So many families I have come to love!!! :) I have a ton a pics with them! :) I AM GOING TO MISS YOU!!! Hopefully I will be coming back soon for some baptisms :) :) 
-Brooke y Erick and Rex y Pinky!

On Wednesday night, Hermana Abellan and I were able to go to Provo and play our flute/piano duet of "I feel my Savior's love" for the final testimonies of all the missionaries going home and for all their families, friends, people taught, and members from where they served. It was so fun! I saw a bunch of returned missionaries that I served with! 
At transfers, I also got to meet Hermana Kimber Johansen! She just got into the mission. She is actually getting trained by Hermana Santos in Santaquin! She is so so sweet! She is Christen's childhood best friend and she is also dating one of my friends from out at OSU! :) It was really fun to catch up on everyone we know in common!! We have been to a lot of the same activities for a while and we didn't even know it :) I am so happy to have her here! 
Leslie and the Kiddos :)

We as a mission (in different zones) get to watch Meet the Mormons this week!!! :) We are watching it on Thursday! I am SO pumped! You all go out and watch it too! :)
Sisters John and Horne!

Sister and Brother Sharp! My awesome landlords!

And last but not least! General Conference weekend! Okay, who else thought that it went by SO FAST?? Well I did, it was crazy! And no I didn't get to go this time. Some people are just lucky to go 2 times in the mish, but not me! But that was fine :) It is still amazing! But something that I would have loved to have heard were the speakers who spoke in their native language! That was so cool!
Hna Baker and Cordova!

-Hna Cordova and Wuit!

-Elder Hodges! He was in my district in the MTC! 

So some of the amazing talks I absolutely loved was the one about which way do we face? To God or to man? I loved that! We will have some very trying times to want to face towards man and turn away from God, but we cannot! Another thing I loved was the talks about the sacrament. Especially the one that talked about how when we are offered the sacrament from a priesthood holder it is like the Savior himself is reaching out to us offering us access to His atonement. I loved that. I know that is so so true. The Savior is always reaching out to us and offering us His cleansing power. Now I know that the sacrament will have a brand new meaning to me each time I partake of it :) I hope you all loved Gen Conference as much as I did :) Tell me about your favorite parts! 
-Rosario y Johanna y Jasmin y Chavita

I love you all! :)
love, Hermana Derges

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