Monday, June 30, 2014

Real Quick!

Hola todo!!!

Temple Day! :)

So this past week was fantastic! Unfortunately....I wrote my usually long weekly email and was about to send it erased!!!!! That took me a good 30 minutes lol...So basically I don't have time to send you a long email again, but I do want to give you quick highlights from the week :)

Crazy weather in the summer!

 Tuesday we were able to go to the temple! :) It was as amazing and lovely as usual :) I love the feeling I feel when I am in the house of the Lord :)

July 4th plans!!! As a mission, we are all walking in the huge Provo parade that day and then we are on lockdown for the evening with our district at a chapel and we are going to be watching the movie FROZEN!! yay!! we are sooooo excited!! :)
This week on Thursday is my year mark..........ahhhhhhhh! Where has time flown??? lol

Emilio is all set for his baptism this Saturday!! YAY! :) We are soooooo pumped and he is going to have such an amazing experience! The Lord's has prepared him so so much! :)
My District!

We have an amazing new family that we are teaching! They are so ready for the gospel! They came to church on Sunday and we are seeing them tonight! :)

I know this gospel this true!!!! :) The Lord really does prepare people!!! :)

I love you all! Have a great week!!! :)

Hermana Derges

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