Monday, June 2, 2014

Daily Nourishment

:) This week has been crazy but fun!!!!

As all of you know, my compy Hermana Despain finished her mission!!!! :) She is home now and I am sooooooooo happy and excited for her. I miss her tons, but she is with her family and completed her mission here in the Utah Provo Mission :)
Librado y Hermana Despain y Yo :)

So on Wednesday! I got an amazing new companion!!! Her name is Hermana Abellan :) She is from Barcelona, Spain! She has been out about a year, just a transfer more than me :) She is so funny, she is learning English, but she is already perfect at it! I think we are going to have a really fun time and work really hard. She is also going to help me with my Spanish!!! lol it is really funny because I only want to talk in Spanish and she only wants to talk in English so that she can learn more English haha so we talk in Spanglish a lot :D

The Saturday before last, I was able to go with Hermana Despain to a sealing (in Spanish!) of one of her recent converts in Mount Timpanogos. Then Hermana Abellan had a couple of recent converts receive their endowments and were sealed in the Provo temple this past Saturday! It was so so amazing! It was the first sealing I have ever been to and the first Spanish endowment session :) It was so so neat!
Hermana Abellan's first S'more!!!
Las hermanas de nuestro barrio :)

So on Wednesday evening, at the final testimony of all the missionaries going home, we were able to go because Hna Abellan was playing the piano and a lot of sisters including me were able to sing :) It was a really neat night hearing the testimonies of 17 missionaries coming home and including the testimonies of our President and his wife :)
The Davis Clark Family :)

Something that I liked about what one sister said, was that if you are losing your way or if you are struggling in your testimony, remember back to what helped you gain it or want a testimony in the first place. We all struggle sometimes, but we just need to hold on to what we believe and move forward from there. Heavenly Father knows that we struggle and we will fall sometimes, but He has given us many tools and resources; such as the scriptures, our leaders, our family and friends, prayer, and so much more- to help us get back up again and again. The most important tool that we have is the Atonement of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ :) We need to trust in Him and rely solely on Him. Hold true to the faith that you have and nurture and cultivate it. We need to be doing this everyday. Just like drinking or eating, we need to do it several times a day in order to be energized. It is the same with our spirits. Daily scripture study and prayer and service are the key :) let us feel us our spiritual tank so that our spirits will not be malnourished :) I know by doing the simply doing the basics, we will be blessed in so so so many ways :) I know that this is true and you can to if you try it for a while. You will see a difference and won't want to turn back :)
 Alma y Yo :)

I love this gospel and my mission. I am learning a lot and I am most importantly coming closer to my Savior by helping others to do so :)

I love you all :) Have a fantastic week and keep your spiritual tank filled!! :)
Gretchen ;)

Love, Hermana Derges :)

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