Monday, September 8, 2014

Don't Overwhelm Yourself!

:) I hope everyone's week was fantastic :)
I had a lot of fun as well. On Monday, we went to Onion Days in Payson and there were so many people there that I knew from when I served in Payson! It was great! :) 
On Tuesday we had Zone Conference with President McCune! It was great as always :) I learned so much! One thing I learned is that we need to work on a couple things at a time and not overwhelm ourselves. I want to be exactly obedient. Which I learned, as well, that it doesn't mean perfect obedience. I can be exactly obedient and I have already seen more and more blessings from doing so than when I don't try my very best. I have the spirit with me more and I am happier :) 
Payson Temple! :)

Then for a couple days we didn't have a car because it was in the So we were walking! It was very fun actually. We had one lady from a different church pick us up-which was SO sweet of her-but she also gave us a looooong lecture about what was going to happen to us if we keep believing what we believe and what was wrong about it...very interesting! haha I just testified to her of what I knew to be true and then we got out of the car and wished her a good day :) It was really fun walking- but it hurt! I am so grateful for a car- spoiled I know- but I really have to hand to all the missionaries who had to walk their whole mission. You. are. amazing. lol :) 
Angelica came to church last week and she also read her Book of Mormon!! Yay! She has her big citizenship test on Sept 11...but she is going to rock it! Then after she can be totally focused on learning the gospel!! Yay! :)
So next week is Stake conference which is a regional broadcast and then the following Sunday is the rededication of the Ogden Temple! All the stake centers in the Valley and in a couple other places will have it broadcasted :) The stake centers will be an actual extension of the temple :) So it will be amazing! All the people who I ask always thought that every stake center did this around the world- but it is the first time I have heard of it lol Utah perks I guess. So it will be pretty cool :) 
I got to go to Heber for one of Hna Santos baptisms :) it was SO gorgeous out there! :) Oh! And this weekend is the baptism of Javier! Someone very special that I taught back in Saratoga Springs! He has the sweetest spirit and soaks up the gospel. I am so excited for him!! :) 
This week was wonderful and I learned so much :) I know that miracles happen everyday- I heard so many by going to a couple ward's sacrament meetings yesterday. Look for the miracles in your life and share them with others :) It may brighten someone's day :)

Love you all!
love, Hermana Derges :)

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