Monday, November 3, 2014

Let the Holy Spirit Guide

How is everyone? How was HALLOWEEN?? Did you all dress up? I sure did! Wanna guess who I was?? lol a missionary! But seriously we went to a couple ward parties and they thought we were dressing up haha. That is EXACTLY why we are on lockdown on Halloween! lol Which was fun btw :) We watched NARNIA! I love that movie! I love how it relates to the gospel so very much :) It was the first time for my comp so I was happy for her :D We dressed up as dorks :) It was fun
So at one of the parties we met an awesome family that we are hopefully going to teach soon!!! They are the Vega family :) I am very excited because we haven't had much luck lately. so we have high hopes! :)
We taught our new investigators this week and found out that they are not very open to the idea of Joseph Smith...but we are going to be teaching the Book of Mormon this week, so hopefully they will start reading and feel the Spirit from what they read :)
We had a really fun FHE with the Lopez family. Everyone participated! It was great! We played this flour tower game where you put a piece of candy on top of a tower of flour (like a sandcastle) and you have to cut a slice with a knife and not make the candy fall, or else you have to get the candy with your mouth! Haha! It was so funny :) I was doing well until the very end and it fell and I was covered in flour!!! We related this to Helaman 5:12 on how Christ needs to be our foundation. Then we talked about the ways we could make our foundation stronger :) It was really good and everyone gave their input on how to improve :)
Last thing! We heard a lovely story from our dinner on Saturday. The mom was with her 3 yr old boy and she was having a bad day and accidentally said a bad word. And later her little boy said it back. She said, "don't say that" and he asked "why?". She replied and said that "Do you remember what the Spirit is?" he said "yes". She then said, "If you say it, you will lose the Spirit" He then said "oooh then I will not say it!" I LOVE this story! She felt so bad for saying the word, but I thought it was so neat how she taught about how he would lose the spirit if he said that word. Instead of saying that you will get in trouble or you will have to sit in time out, she simply reminded him of something she had already taught him, The Spirit. and how important it is to always have it with us. She helped him connect saying something naughtly or doing something wrong with losing the Spirit of the Lord. That was a great lesson and example to me. I know how important it is to have the Spirit and to help others learn that we need to strive to always have it with us. It is so powerful and it can go away so fast when we are not worthy to have it with us. Please always strive to have the Spirit with you by doing the right thing and learning to be humble enough to recognize that you did something wrong and change to never do it again. I know that we will be blessed as we do so because we will be filled with joyful feelings of light and peace :)
I love you all! I hope you have a wonderful day! LOVE YOU!!!!
Love, Hermana Derges :)

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